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7 Ways to Annoy People ...

By Aprille

Do you have someone that you want to annoy to get off your back or get back at? Well, it’s easy to being annoying, but how can you do it effectively? I don’t like to be annoying, but when I come across people that are; I try to be as annoying as I can be to them. Let me tell you 7 Ways to Annoy People …

7 Eat Loud

Eat LoudPhoto Credit: Simutis [nancy]

I don’t like hearing people eat or chomping on their food. So, this is perfect way to annoy people in any restaurant or food joint. You can chew on your food loud and talk about your day screaming at your partner.

6 Get in the Way!

I really do hate this in any store and don’t like it when they stop in my way and talk in the isle. This makes this a perfect way to annoy those around you and you could get yelled at or eyes rolled on.


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5 Talk Loud!

Talk Loud!Photo Credit: Kelzan

I don’t like people that talk louder than an inside voice. If you can hear them across the store and hear what they talk about, then it’s way too loud. This is a good tool to make someone mad or get your point across. Sometimes this helps to annoy people to get them to go away.

4 Annoying Laugh

Annoying LaughPhoto Credit: Sebastian Niedlich (Grabthar)

Some people have an annoying laugh and keep laughing at every stupid joke. If you want to annoy people, the best way to go is to laugh loud and keep laughing.

3 Too Touchy

No one likes to be hugged or touched. Many annoying people will touch your shoulder or even give you a hug. This is a good way to get slapped or annoy people. This is for men and women.

2 Loud Music

Loud MusicPhoto Credit: nebulagirl

If you want to make someone you know annoyed, you should turn your music loud while their talking. This is a perfect way to get them mad at you or to get them to shut their mouth. Also, it’s annoying to hear music that’s loud walking down the street.

1 Act Crazy

Act CrazyPhoto Credit: sunshine's creations

When you act a fool, you are going to be the most annoying person ever. You will bring attention on yourself and you will get people too annoyed. It’s like running through a wedding drunk yelling and screaming.

It’s easy to be annoying to people, when you know exactly what gets them. I don’t know why you would want to be annoying, but it works perfect to get rid of other annoying people or snobs. Do you think these annoying tips can help you?

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