8 Most Common Phobias and How to Fight Them ...


8 Most Common Phobias and How to Fight Them ...
8 Most Common Phobias and How to Fight Them ...

“I have a phobia of (fill in your answer here).” “I can’t stand (fill in your answer here)!” Surely, these words have popped out of your mouth at one point in time. I just don’t know what exactly you are afraid of, so that is something you have to tell me. I could always try to guess. Maybe something on my list of 8 most common phobias and how to fight them is something that you are afraid of. I’m not exactly qualified professional to tell you how to fight your phobias, so don’t take this as medical advice. However, I am going to give you my opinions and tell you how I would fight them.

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Spiders Photo Credit: I'mMurphy'sLaw

Oh yeah, so many people are scared of spiders. To be honest with you, I do not blame them! At one point in time, I was scared of spiders. Of course, to a certain point, I am too. But, I am only scared of certain spiders…like the big ones that pop out of nowhere as you’re sitting on a tuffet eating your curds and whey. I’m also afraid of the poisonous ones, like the black widow and brown recluse, which live in my region. However, I have my favorites that I like – like the wolf spider or the horned spider. How did I get over my phobia? If you call it getting over a phobia – I decided to get a tarantula, so I read all about them and got one. I would look at him, feed him and I actually held him. I see that they aren’t horrible creatures.



Again, to a certain point, I am afraid of snakes, but they’re just trying to live, that’s all. You shouldn’t kill a snake just because he/she is in your yard, but if it’s venomous…I may have other words for that. I am not afraid of snakes, but I am afraid of the poisonous ones that we have in our area, like the rattlesnake, moccasin, coral snake and so on. Those are pretty scary when you come across one. I was afraid of all snakes, until I got a ball python and held him. I loved to hold him. I called him Sneaky Snakes.



Heights Photo Credit: leerushworth

Heights can be scary and I really don’t see any way to get over them. I mean, you could always crawl up on top of something, look down and tell yourself it’ll be alright, but that’s not true. Generally, people are afraid of things that will kill them. If you think you’re going to fall, then you shouldn’t let your guard down, you should be afraid of it. Is that a strange way of looking at things? I am afraid of heights if it involves climbing up and washing windows on the 50th floor – I would never do it. I do, however, like high up places, like being on the inside of a building and looking down. I like that “Scary” feeling I get. Strange, right?


Someone Close to You Dying

Someone Close to You Dying Photo Credit: AAGCTT

I know it is scary to think about losing someone in your life. It scares me too, but I have come to the fact that life is the way it is. Things happen and we have to learn to accept it. We also have to learn that every single person on this earth, no matter who or what you are has an expiration date. We never know when that is going to be. So, instead of sitting there, being depressed and thinking about someone dying, then you need to go spend time with them, get over the phobia and make every day of their life count.



Insects Photo Credit: Mr. Greenjeans

Are you afraid of insects? This is one thing that I am not afraid of. I like playing with them. It’s fun. They’re fun to watch. If you’re afraid of them, maybe you should try touching one, like a Lady Bug. Don’t be scared and take deep breaths – ahh, see how easy it is.



Frogs Photo Credit: AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora

Oh, come on! You’re afraid of frogs? I find so many people who are afraid of these cute little guys and girls. Frogs are amazing creatures. I have had some pretty purple frogs as pets before. They’re cute – but you have to be careful when cleaning the type I had, because they produce toxins. Ever since I was a kid, I was known for playing with frogs and toads in my yard. Oh and it’s a myth – you don’t really get warts from them peeing on you! Try touching one!



Lizards Photo Credit: tropicaLiving

Oh, come on, you’re afraid of lizards? I’ve brought out my big Tegu to company before and they acted like she was a gator. Well, I guess she resembles one to people who don’t know much. She did have some pretty big teeth, but they looked at me like I was holding something scary and I look down at her like she’s my baby. I guess I’m known for holding things with sharp teeth that could take off your hand? lol. Anyhow, if you’re afraid of lizards, go to the zoo and watch them in their habitat. I won’t say they won’t hurt you, because I’ve been bitten before, but it’s only pain – pain is the sign of weakness leaving your body, like my dad always tells me. Don’t be afraid of these creatures.



Death Photo Credit: doug88888

Okay, I read somewhere that death is the leading phobia. Is this true? I know, I can sit and think and get deep into thought when it comes to death, but at some point, it gets depressing realizing that our life is short on this earth. Then, I wonder where we go – are we reborn? Do we go to a place called Heaven where we thrive forever? I know all you religious people will comment on this one and say you know for sure, so I’m not going to get into it and people should keep their opinions to themselves on that matter. Anyways, don’t be afraid of death. Well…be afraid of things that could cause death, to a certain point, but don’t sit there thinking about it all day. Don’t lock yourself away from fun just because of it. Get out and enjoy life. Realize that you need to make the most of your life.

There you have the top 8 most common phobias and how to fight them. Fighting them isn’t hard to do, it all involves controlling your mind. Ask yourself why you have the phobia. Why are you so scared? Is it really going to hurt you or are you just over reacting? Think before you do. So, what is your phobia?

Top Photo Credit: rosiehardy

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uhh, thanks for the huge picture of that spider. i almost screamed. :/ good post, anyways. though I would never think of getting a tarantula...

I had to turn my phone off for about an hour after seeing that spider picture, scared me half to death.

Do you know what a phobia is? A phobia is not just being a bit scared of something. A phobia is when you scream or cry or hyperventilate or pass out or hide under your bed for hours when you see something. You can't tell people who have a frog phobia (for example): "Oh, come on! You’re afraid of frogs? I find so many people who are afraid of these cute little guys and girls. Frogs are amazing creatures. I have had some pretty purple frogs as pets before." That's not helpful. It sounds more like mockery to people who really have that phobia. Same goes for lizards and whatnot. A phobia is more like a mental disorder than just a normal fear of something. This is a nice post and all that but maybe you shouldn't have called it "phobias" but "fears". Clowns are one of my two phobias and when I was about seven I visited the circus for the first (and last time) and I screamed and cried and then I passed out and woke up in hospital because apparently I hyperventilated. That's what happens when you have an extreme phobia.

hey i nvr scared from spider but yes lizard is too scary for me...whenver i see...i feel like yukkk...i dnt wat happn to me but i hate lizards...

JEEEESUS! That pic of the gigantic spider made my heart skip a beat! I'm glad the tarantula worked for you, but that's something I will never ever be able to do! I don't think there is a thing in the world that can conquer my fear of spiders!

when i see a cockroach, i scream i cry and stay like that for hours... and i never knew "Someone close to you dying" was a phobia!! i always feared it FREAKISHLY. when I was younger like 6 years old and up I always stayed up with my mom sitting close to her just to make sure she's okay, and i'm always checking up on all my family members and close friends... so yea i guess i have that phobia too. Its weird, I fear losing someone i love (them dying) but I don't fear dying myself :\

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