7 Scary Situations and How to Handle Them ...


7 Scary Situations and How to Handle Them ...
7 Scary Situations and How to Handle Them ...

There are some scary situations that happen in the middle of nowhere. You’re in the middle of a crowd at a concert, when all of a sudden, a fight breaks lose. How are you supposed to deal with this? If you run, will they notice you? There’s security around, so see if you can make your way to them without being noticed or pulled back. Interested in what else I have to say? Here are 7 scary situations and how to handle them.

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Online Stalker

Online Stalker Photo Credit: MeFind

You have been e-mailing a guy/girl back and forth and all of a sudden, they have started to stalk you. If you do not e-mail them, they send you harassing messages. They harass you in messenger, Facebook and any other way they can. Personally, I would just ignore them and get them off of my Facebook forever. If you are scared for your life, then contact the law enforcement agency.


A Drunk Friend Passes out on the Floor

A Drunk Friend Passes out on the Floor Photo Credit: estherase

You may want to let them sleep it off, but that’s a big mistake. As the system is metabolizing booze, the blood alcohol level of that individual could continue to rise and get to dangerous levels. Their life may be in jeopardy, so you need to get help. As you are waiting for the ambulance, check his/her vital signs for two minutes. During the first minute, see if he/she is talking between twelve to eighteen breaths. For the second minute, make sure her/his pulse measures 80-100 beats. If either is off or he/she is gasping for air, start performing CPR.


You Come Home and Find a Burglar

You Come Home and Find a Burglar Photo Credit: DarthNick

If you come home and you notice something fishy, such as a broken window, don’t go in. Remember horror movies where you want to hit the person who chooses to go into the scary house instead of running? Use your common sense and run as fast as you can away from the house and call the police.


Hotel is on Fire

Hotel is on Fire Photo Credit: iluvcocacola

As soon as that alarm goes off, jump up and go to the door. Touch the door with the back of your hand. If it is not hot, open the door and check the halls. If it is free of smoke, crawl to the nearest stairs and run outside. Don’t even try a couple of things, just GO! If the door is hot and you smell smoke in the hall, stay inside, but leave the door unlocked so the firefighters can get in. Call 911 and let the dispatcher know the room number and location. Shut the bathroom fan and AC off. Stuff wet towels around the door cracks as well as over the air vents. Use a bucket to toss cold water on the walls and the door. If you see firefighters outside, open the window and wave colored clothing out the window.


You Resist a Guy, but He Keeps Going

You Resist a Guy, but He Keeps Going Photo Credit: zerimarclassics.deviantart.com

If a man won’t take no for an answer, then he has some big control issues. Put as much space as you can between the two of you. Don’t acknowledge him at all. Head to a section that is more crowded. If he continues to follow you, tell someone that can take care of it.



Rape Photo Credit: JenniPenni

Guys can appear to be so nice, but on the inside, when they are alone, those true colors could show. These signs are difficult to spot in some guys. If a guy is trying to take advantage of you, do all you can to get away. Kick him in the you know what, scream as loud as you can, tell him no, shove your fingers through his eyes – DO WHATEVER YOU CAN!


You Hear a Noise outside

You Hear a Noise outside Photo Credit: algo

If you hear a noise outside at night and you are all alone, call someone on the phone. Don’t bother to go and see what it is – because you could be in danger. If you hear something at your window, definitely call the police.

Those are 7 scary situations and how to handle them. Could you add on to this list?

Top Photo Credit: AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora

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@ Kari - That is exactly what I was hoping to do - help at least one person out. I do hope this helps others, so make sure you show your friends and family the information. Thank you again.

A VERY helpful article. I really enjoyed this. Thank you, this will come in handy in the future. I'd love to see more articles like this.

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