8 Tips for Giving and Receiving Criticism ...


There are a few things that men tend to be better at then women, and one of these is critical thinking. Whether its receiving criticism ourselves or criticizing others, we tend to really struggle...and it’s no wonder why. After all, no one enjoys criticism! To rule our lives and jobs effectively, though, it’s a talent we have to have. Here are my eight tips to make it much more painless, whether you are the giver or the receiver...

1. State the Facts

State the Facts

Photo Credit: Christine Lebrasseur

Think about what it is you need to say, and write it down in bullet points. For example, if you need to criticize your relationship with your partner, give a factual reason why. “I feel that you don’t put any effort into the relationship anymore” will get a much better response then an emotional rant. In the same vein, if it is a work problem, talk in facts too.

Add Some Empathy
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