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7 Ways to Care for Dry Skin in Winter ...

By Lyndsie

My skin gets incredibly dry in winter. I’m talking, my face looks like it has dandruff or something if I don’t watch it. It’s horrible. This year, I just don’t want to deal with it. My makeup always looks horrible, my skin hurts, it’s the worst. So I went looking for ways to eliminate the winter skin problem, and here’s what I found!

1 Oil up

Oil up Photo Credit: fallfromgrace1969

There are certain oils that can keep your skin moist and healthy, but you have to be careful. It’s easy to make your skin itself look oily if you aren’t. Oil of Vitamin E is one of the best bets, but many people are behind almond oil or even olive oil as well. At this point, I’ll try anything

2 The Right Lotion

The Right Lotion Photo Credit: SammieSoon

This is harder than it might seem. Finding the right lotion for your skin can be hard. You don’t want anything too thin or insubstantial, because it won’t provide your skin with the moisture it needs. On the other hand, if your lotion is too thick, it can make your skin look and feel greasy.

3 Butter up

Butter up Photo Credit: hiltonsandestin

Specifically, cocoa butter can be extremely helpful. You will also smell delicious. It can be more comprehensive than mere lotion, plus it has a number of other beneficial properties. And really, you will smell delicious.

4 Warm, Not Hot

Warm, Not Hot Photo Credit: Rafael Tuduri

Although it’s tempting to take hot showers and baths in winter, you shouldn’t wash your face in hot water. It will be better for your skin if the water is just warm. That way, your skin won’t dry out as much.

5 Soap or Body Wash?

Soap or Body Wash? Photo Credit: Splooge-tastic Gooner-Licious

A lot of bar soaps are harsh and can dry out your skin a lot. Make sure you use a moisturizing soap if you want to go that route. Otherwise, use a moisturizing body wash. It will be gentler on your skin.

6 Drink Water

Drink Water Photo Credit: ImagesAndObjects

I need to remember this. I don’t drink nearly enough water. I should, you should, everybody should. It’s healthy for you in a number of different ways, and it is especially good for your skin. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Naturally, if it is hydrated, it will not get dry and flaky.

7 Daily Diet

Daily Diet Photo Credit: chinadoll.

What you put into your body greatly affects your skin. Your diet should be healthy and nutritious overall, but there are some special items you should incorporate as well. For instance, foods with the right kind of fats and oils keeps your skin moisturized. Avocado is a good food – and a good base for a facial mask – as is olive oil, flaxseed, omega 3 oils, and nuts. Apples are good for you as well, drinking plenty of milk will help, and you also want to eat plenty of blackberries, tomatoes, grapes, and citrus fruits.

I want to keep my skin hydrated and healthy this winter, because I just feel awful when it’s dry. Having healthy skin can be indicative of your overall health as well, after all. Does anyone else have tips for eliminating winter dry skin?

Top Photo Credit: Sierra is a space cadet!

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