7 Reasons I Loathe Winter ...


7 Reasons I Loathe Winter ...
7 Reasons I Loathe Winter ...

Fall is here, and no matter how much I whine and complain, winter is coming. To all of you out there who say, “Winter is the best season!” and “I just love the cold and snow!” I have to disagree. Summer obviously wins as Best Season, because winter is just horrible. Why the winter-related tantrums? Here are 7 reasons I loathe winter.

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The Cold

The Cold Photo Credit: ?eyebex

Winter is freezing, especially for a skinny girl like me. No matter how many sweaters I pile on, no matter how much hot tea I drink or how many hot baths I take, I can’t get or stay warm. And, as my boyfriend will attest, my little toes are like icicles when I crawl into bed each night, electric blanket or no.


The Roads

The Roads Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs

I live in Michigan, so in the winter, the roads are treacherous. There’s the ice, the snow, the sleet. Not only is it ugly, it’s dangerous, and I hate it! Plus, the salt they put on the roads to melt the ice destroys our cars… ugh!


The Dry Skin

The Dry Skin Photo Credit:Sierra is a space cadet

All the hot baths and cold, dry weather can really take its toll on a girl’s delicate skin. I can spend each morning and evening slathering myself with every sort of lotion and emollient ever invented, but somehow I always end up with dry alligator skin for most of the season. Very unsexy!


The Staticky Hair

The Staticky Hair Photo Credit: laurenlemon

A if having dry skin wasn’t bad enough, the cold, dry air also makes my hair incredibly staticky. I end up carrying around a small box of fabric softener sheets to rub over my hair at odd hours of the day, just to keep it under control. But sometimes, especially if I’ve been wearing a hat, not even that will help.


The Bulky Clothes

The Bulky Clothes Photo Credit: Let it paradOX

My dream is to live in a place where I was wear sundresses and go barefoot all year long. Sadly, if I tried that in Michigan, I’d end up in the hospital with frostbite for much of the year. Instead, I’m forced to cover up in layers of bulky sweaters, coats, and jeans. It’s flattering, really, but still!


The Illnesses

The Illnesses Photo Credit: 369Photography.co.uk

I don’t know if there’s any scientific or medical research that supports this, but I think the cold and flu get so much worse in the winter. Is it that so many of us are in enclosed spaces together a lot more, or do flu bugs just enjoy the cold?


The Lack of Fresh Fruits

The Lack of Fresh Fruits Photo Credit: Electroluminescence [Cee]

This may sound silly, especially since our industrialized food system makes just about any fruit or veggie available year-round, but I won’t eat that pesticide and preservative-ridden junk. I prefer fresh, locally-grown produce, and it’s nearly impossible to get during the winter. I’ll settle for Florida citrus, but I sure do miss my Michigan apples, berries, and cherries…

These are only 7 of the reasons I hate winter, but I could go on for HOURS. It’s agony! Do you agree, or are you one of those crazy women who loves winter? What about it do you like? Please let me know (though I’ll still think you’re nuts…)!

Top Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

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I agree I can't stand the cold. I get really bad dry skin so I have to wear clinical strength lotion which works pretty well. I hate when I have to wear a bunch of layers then when I go inside it's so warm that I'm sweating. Or I could put on several layers and I'm STILL cold. I hate having to shovel and rake leaves. I always try to convince my mom to hire someone to do it, but she doesn't want to spend the money. I'm moving out west to CA or somewhere in that area once I can afford it.

The cold has something to do with staying indoors too much, since in our homes it's warmer and those viruses like warm(er) environments. Something like that.

#1 I'm neither skinny nor fat, but I'm always cold as well. BMI isn't the only factor in feeling cold.

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