7 Reasons I Am Glad Summer is Ending ...


7 Reasons I Am Glad Summer is Ending ...
7 Reasons I Am Glad Summer is Ending ...

I can think of 7 reasons I am glad summer is ending. I do have to say something before I start. Awhile back, I read a blog on this topic and some of the reasons they hated summer was because they had to shave their bikini line, shave their legs and children were out of school. Call me weird, but you should stay shaved all year long (I know I do, I can’t stand any bit of hair) and you should enjoy having your children home from school. The one reason I do not like summer ending is because my little girl has to go back to school. I love spending time with her. It’s funny listening to parents say “yay, it’s school time again, now I can get rid of my kid.” Wow is all I have to say. I’m all for the good education, but I do miss my girl. Below, I am going to give you 7 reasons I am glad summer is ending …

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Not as Many Boating Accidents

Not as Many Boating Accidents Photo Credit: .: Philipp Klinger :.

I live in Florida and do you know how many boating accidents I have read about this summer? When the summer ends, we won’t have to read about so many boating accidents.


Won’t Have to Hear Tons of Stories about People Getting Bit by Sharks

Won’t Have to Hear Tons of Stories about People Getting Bit by Sharks Photo Credit: Tiquetonne2067

Here in Florida, it seems that more and more people are being bit by a shark. When it is summer, people love going in the water. During the winter, people tend to stay out of the water and that equals less shark food … I mean bites.


Won’t Be as Much Traffic

Won’t Be as Much Traffic Photo Credit: traumlichtfabrik aka Eddi

When it is summer, the traffic seems to be at its greatest. During the winter, the traffic dies down a bit. Is that because of all the vacationers coming through the area? During the winter, are people trying to keep warm in their house and don’t want to go anywhere?


People Will Get Back to Normal

People Will Get Back to Normal Photo Credit: f. prestes

I had a client who had hundreds of customers. He said “most of my customers have went on vacation, but the work will pick up full swing at the end of August.” While he still supplied me with hundreds of articles each week, I know the other writers he had was lacking on the work. Then, at the end of August, things started picking up more than ever.



Mosquitoes Photo Credit: bleuet / Anne-Marie

Oh yeah, got to love these mosquitoes and don’t forget about those yellow flies! It was hard to go to our fishing spot without getting eaten up by pesky old mosquitoes and no, the mosquito repellent doesn’t work. I don’t like spraying it.



Snakes Photo Credit: guenterleitenbauer

Yeah, I like snakes, but when they catch me by surprise or chase me (moccasins do that), I don’t like them. Snakes are out and about


It’s Hot

It’s Hot Photo Credit: Seattle Miles (offline)

Yeah, I am not much to complain about being hot, I can take the heat, but I do like to work when it is a bit cooler. When I used to work in a military warehouse, it was definitely hot! And it didn’t help when you had other workers who would face the big fans on themselves, but I won’t get into this.

Those are 7 reasons I am glad summer is ending. Summer is coming to an end and I can’t wait for Halloween! So, what about you? Why are you glad summer is coming to an end?

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i can't wait for snow and shopping for my winter wordrobe :D

YOUR SO WRONG , it may be about you but others want to know like everywhere in canada 70% of all this is not even true

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