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10 Reasons Not to Buy the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa ...

By Kati

Some things are just too good to be true, right? So when Nu Skin brought out an amazing home spa system, I was sceptical about how it would work. Nevertheless, I checked out a few of the demonstrations near me, and was impressed with what I saw. I did, however, find a few things to bear in mind when deciding whether to splash the cash...

1 Are You Fair Skinned?

Some people with fair skin have reported tightness, burning and swelling after use. While Nu Skin have defended themselves by saying those customers can’t have used it properly, it’s still a big concern for us fair skinned girls. If you do decide to buy one, make sure you have a good moisturizer to use afterwards.

2 Vials Are Pricey

The cost of the vials. While customers are trying to find cheaper alternatives, the vials are expensive, and you only get one or two uses out of each one. They cost $37 for a pack of 4, which is two weeks’ worth.


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3 Are You Concerned about a Close up?

Some people have reported that while further away the effects look brilliant, close up they have noticed the formation of tiny lines. While this doesn’t bother most people, and seems to be uncommon, it is worth considering!

4 What Happens if You Stop...

Once you stop using the system, you will return to normal, and this can leave you looking like you’ve aged a few years in just a night.

5 Oh, the Pressure!

The demonstrations are often given by those involved with the pyramid scheme of selling the product. They will often only do half of your face, to "let you compare the difference." Problem is, if there is a difference, you feel under pressure to buy the product so you don’t look odd.

6 The Droop Effect...

Some people have experienced amazing results, but after an hour the treated side of the face has "drooped." Nu Skin has not responded to these claims, but it seems to be happening to a random selection of people.

7 What's in the Gel?

There has been some scrutiny of the contents of the gels. One of the listed ingredients is a large amount of parabens, which have been linked to cancer.

8 More about the Gel...

Using cheaper gels can "clog" the machine, which means that it needs repairing. This pretty much forces you into buying Nu Skin’s own, more expensive, gel ranges.

9 Can You Get the Guarantee?

People have experienced problems with the money back guarantee. This doesn’t appear to be the norm, but is worth bearing in mind, in case you don’t see any results either.

10 Ouch!

The price varies dramatically, but is very high. New systems don’t lower the price of the old ones by much, and each new line of gels seems to cost more and more.

Obviously, how important any of these points are is down to personal choice. After all, who can put a price on looking good? Make sure you make an informed choice, and good luck with getting totally gorgeous skin! Have you got any complaints about the Spa System, or any similar products? Please let me know!

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