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Jen's Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment 3 ...

By Jennifer

For the past few months, I’ve been undergoing laser tattoo removal treatments (one every 6 weeks), and this week, I had treatment #3. Here’s how it’s gone so far:
You can really see a lot of fading since the beginning, so I was excited about the third treatment.

But I was also a little scared, and I didn’t realize it until I was on my way to the clinic. I’m not a girl who normally sweats very much. I rarely wear deodorant or antiperspirant because I just don’t sweat that much, but this week, driving to my third treatment, I was sweating buckets. Why? Because I’m afraid of the pain, and my second treatment really did hurt. I was scared, so I was sweating. They say the treatments are about as painful, and have a similar sensation, to someone snapping a rubber band on your skin, and that’s about right… but it does hurt. And I’m a sissy.

I got to the office, nervous and damp, and the tech, Terry, immediately calmed me down. She used The Chiller on my arm to numb it, fired up the laser, and zapped away. Again, the process didn’t take very long at all, just a few minutes, and this treatment didn’t hurt as much as the second treatment. But it is a lot more sore and tender now, a few days later. Here’s how it looks today:
You can see more fading, definitely, but it’s a lot more red and swollen… but it’s so worth it. I hate this tattoo and I can’t wait for it to be gone… and if Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and even Britney Spears and Tony Danza can do it, so can I! Laser tattoo removal isn’t just for celebs anymore, right?

Overall, I’m delighted with the results, and I can’t wait for my next treatment, in another six weeks. By summer, I’ll be rocking the tank tops again.

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