7 of My Favorite Body Lotions ...

Regardless of the season, we all suffer from dry skin or just want to have smoother, softer skin… and if the body lotion we use has a fresh, sweet scent or another added benefit, like skin firming, well, that’s even better! I have a whole bin of fantastic body lotions I use all year long, and I’m always adding more! A couple of weeks ago, Philosophy added a few new body lotions to their marvelous line, so I had to try them! Here are 7 of my favorite body lotions, all from Philosophy.

1. Philosophy Rainbow Sherbet Body Lotion

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Price: $24.00 at philosophy.com
No matter how gloomy the winter’s day, one whiff of this sweet-smelling lotion will have you feeling sunshine summer love. It’s scented just like the real thing, fruity and sweet, and the bottle itself LOOKS like the real thing, too! The lotion is infused with olive and macadamia nut oils and rich shea butter to keep dry, itchy winter skin at bay, too.

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