Tillia Blackberry Plum Sugar Scrub Review


Tillia Blackberry Plum Sugar Scrub Review
Tillia Blackberry Plum Sugar Scrub Review

I’m not one of those girls who does spa days. I rarely even treat myself to a pedicure, and I’ve often wondered what the fuss was about sugar scrubs. I didn’t think they were worth the expense… until I tried the Tillia Blackberry Plum Sugar Scrub… and now I’m a believer…

Price: $16.00 at tilliabeauty.com

First of all, this scrub smells divine. It’s sweet but not cloying, a perfect fruity summer scent. It also exfoliates beautifully, and it left my skin so smooth! I mean SMOOTH… like, my skin has never felt this smooth before. I had tried a scrub by The Body Shop before, which I loved, but it was too harsh, and left me with a rash. This one wasn’t harsh. It was ideal. It lathered just a little as I was rubbing it on my skin, and washed away clean.

The only problem is that the Tillia website doesn’t always stock this particular item, so it might be hard to find. I actually found it at my local Marshalls/Home Goods store a few weeks ago, for a fraction of the cost, so I stocked up.

If your skin is prone to dryness or if you’re just looking for an inexpensive way to pamper yourself, this sugar scrub by Tillia is the way to go! I love it!

Top Photo Credit: JennKstep

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