8 Bizarre Beauty Treatments You've Got to Try Once in Your Life ...

Some say that, when it comes to maintaining and upgrading your good looks, no cream is too expensive and no treatment is too radical. Hmm… is it really so? I like to hear or read about new, radical stuff but some things are just waaaay to crazy, not to mention potentially dangerous. So, let me tell you more about those today. Yup, you won’t believe some of the beauty regiments available today and these 8 I’m about to list now are just the tip of the iceberg. So, here they are:

1. Bull Semen Hair Treatment

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Photo Credit: Steve Snodgrass

Umm, remember that movie scene in which Cameron Diaz mistakes the guy’s “bodily fluids” for hair gel and uses them to fix her bangs? That was funny and gross in the same time and I remember watching that and thinking, “Gosh, something like this could never happen in real life!” Well, guess what? I was wrong because there is a hair salon in London that offers a special protein rich hair mask made out of Aberdeen Angus bull semen and Katera root. Their clients say this odorless mixture gave them the shiniest, softest hair ever and the salon says this treatment is very popular and wanted. Would you give it a try? I honestly wouldn’t dare!

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