7 Tricks to Remember when Posing for Photographs ...

Weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, vacations or outings with friends – some moments of your life deserve to be “frozen” on a photo and remembered for years to come. And you just have to look great on those photos, girl! Some of them might be going on Facebook where a friend of yours is a friend with your ex (don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about). Lol! If you are willing to spend 2 minutes of your life on lining up to get your picture taken, spend another 30 seconds on making it a great one you’ll want to keep and say “Damn, I was such a babe!” when you look at it 30, 40 years after. Here’s how:

1. Keep That Neck Looking Good!

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Photo Credit: sereneskye

Chin up, girl! Don’t let the camera snap a “Is there a hole I could hide in?” version of you! If you chose to be in the picture, make it a darn good one. Lowering your chin and/or twisting your neck in an awkward position will make your neck look short, stubby and wrinkled, plus you might look like you have double chin. Be a ballerina, move your head gracefully and let the camera snap a photo of you in your “I’m royalty!” pose.

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