10 Text Habits That Drive People Mad ...

By Kati

10 Text Habits That Drive People Mad ...

I love texts. They are so quick and easy to send, and you can instantly tell someone what you need to say. It’s a great way to communicate, especially if you haven’t got the time for a full blown conversation, or you just don’t feel like talking. I’ll admit, though, that there are some people I can’t stand texting. They just have the most horrible text habits ever, and I’d much prefer to phone them…or not talk to them at all! So how do you know if you are an annoying texter? Here are the top ten text habits that drive people mad…

1 Awkward Texter

Awkward Texter Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

So you’ve gone out in a group, and after a flowing conversation, its gone quiet. It’s not necessarily awkward, just a relaxing lull…until someone gets their phone out. Then the next person does, and suddenly, everyone in the group has a text to send. Grrrr! If it’s important, excuse yourself, out of politeness. If its not, give your time to the people you are with, and send your text later.

2 Double Messages

Double Messages Photo Credit: Stuart Barr

So you get a phone call, and you don’t answer. You’re busy, you’re away from your phone, you don’t feel like talking. So why do you then get a text, telling you you’ve got a voicemail, and an email, telling you you’ve got a text? Chances are, if the person can text, they can access their voicemail. So save your time by doing something else until they get back to you, rather then trying every method possible to communicate with them. It drives me nuts!

3 The-Get-My-Hopes-up Messages

The-Get-My-Hopes-up Messages Photo Credit: WolfS♡ul

So many times I’ve sat with friends as they’ve got a text from a guy they like, asking what they are up too over the weekend. So they painstakingly think of something cool and sexy and slightly unavailable to respond with, and get a ‘good, okay’ response. What?! Are you interested, or not?! Respond with something casual about trying to fit him in if he’s free? And then leave the ball in his court.

4 Bulk Text

Bulk Text Photo Credit: lancelonie

You know those texts that you get, and instantly know that 60 other people just got the exact same text? I hate them. ‘Send to phonebook’ should not exist! I mean, if everybody text back, it’d take them an hour to respond…unless they sent another bulk response, and it’d be never ending. I don’t mind texts to two or three people, but everyone? Keep it personal!

5 Two Letters a Text Message

Two Letters a Text Message Photo Credit: cnmark

You know those messages that come as 19 texts, when it could have been said in one? They drive everyone mad. Don’t put a word in each text, it’s takes forever to get the whole message, and if one text disappears, it makes no sense. A quick text with the full message in is much less annoying, and more likely to get a response!

6 Cinema Texters

Cinema Texters Photo Credit: h3ather

I have no idea why, but that annoying person who always texts through the entire film always seems to be sat in front of me. It’s almost like they plan it…a text every thirty seconds, and if they don’t get one, they get their phone out and play around with it anyway, as if to check why. From the light to the constant texting noise, it annoys everyone. Put your phone down, it’s only for a little while!

7 Bored Message

Bored Message Photo Credit: Jonathan Clay

The only thing more annoying then the ‘What you up too?’ texts are ‘La La La’ or other annoying bored texts. If you are that bored that you need to text someone, at least think of something to say! A news snippet or a joke or anything…anything but ‘La La La’.

8 ‘K’ Message

‘K’ Message Photo Credit: © Marron Glacé

One letter texts annoy me. This might be irrational, but most people seem to agree, so either they all think I’m a little weird and agree with me to keep me quiet, or it’s actually very annoying. “K”. A one letter text? Where is the “o”? At least with an o, it would be a one word text. But no, just one letter. It will have taken longer to send then to write. What is the point?!

9 Look-what-he-has-said-now Message

Look-what-he-has-said-now Message Photo Credit: Parvin ♣( OFF for a while )

This seems to be a relatively new trend, and numerous times a day I get forwarded half a dozen texts from a potential love interest or new boyfriend, and then the smug ‘Isn’t he adorable’ text afterwards…it’s not that I don’t love getting nice texts, my boyfriend is lovely, but I don’t have the desire to send them to everyone. It’s private, and that’s what makes it so special!

10 The Minimum Letters Possible Message

The Minimum Letters Possible Message Photo Credit: Jane Dallaway

Text speak was invented when the messages sent were long enough to go over the character limit. Now, they aren’t, and there is no excuse for using annoying text speak. It’s so offputting! Men should write properly, and have a good grasp of vocabulary and grammar. Writing the message properly is a sign of intelligence, and ensures the recipient will understand.

I’ve just realized how annoying text messages can be…I’m not easily annoyed, but small niggles do get at me. Now texting is a respected way to communicate, it should be treated like one…after all, you’d never send anyone a letter with one letter in, or with all the vowels missing! Is there a text habit that drives you mad? Please tell me about it!

Top Photo Credit: Skokie Public Library

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lol i hate a boring texter. That has put an end to me texting a few people lol. i sometimes txt at dinner nobody im sitting with minds..im a teen..i guess they expect it lol. i get annoyed by the movie texter..the light from their phn seems to light up the whole room lol. i must admit i have been one of those ONCE. the movie was so good i had to tell EVERYONE. lol

I hate it when people dont stop texting me and over and over I get hi hello hey whats up im bored hi

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