10 Most Annoying Things about Airports ...


10 Most Annoying Things about Airports ...
10 Most Annoying Things about Airports ...

I don't know about you ladies but my least favorite part of traveling is always the mad dash and craziness that is the airport. You arrive two hours early just to be sure that you can get through security only to find yourself bored long before it's time to board your plane. But if you show up late you're sure to miss it! And these are just a couple of the things that I find exasperating when I take a trip. The following is the list of the ten most annoying things you encounter at the airport!

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Crying Babies

There seems to always be a crying baby whenever you're about to rip your hair out from sheer agitation. But in the airports I find that they're numbers seem to multiply. While you're waiting to board they begin to fuss but once you're actually ON the plane, all h-e-double hockey sticks breaks loose. Just remember take a calming breath and don't blame the mothers... I'm sure they're just as close to pulling their hair out as you are.


Check in Line

Check in Line Photo Credit: bhaskarroo

You would think that this would be the quickest part of flying, all you have to do is show your ticket and I.D. and get a boarding pass. But no, this is always a crazy long process. You show them all forms of I.D. and they need something else that's packed so deep in your carry on you have to climb in to get it. Your bags can't be checked for this reason or that. No matter what, something always goes wrong. So just be sure to brush up on your check in desk rules, have what they need ready, and know the rules and regulations about checking a bag.


Baggage Claim

Baggage Claim Photo Credit: jen clix

The second you step off the the plane you need to rush to baggage claim. Push all old ladies and kids out of your way, throw some elbows and get there. You need to get a spot right in front of the belt or the chances of getting your bag on it's first go round are slim to none. The second you see your bag, crouch into your battle position and grab that sucker!


The Wait before Exiting and Entering a Plane

The Wait before Exiting and Entering a Plane Photo Credit: Photos by Chip Py

Sure, I understand the wait but that doesn't make it any less annoying to me. I'm always in a rush to get to where I want to go, who isn't. So the most annoying thing in the world is twiddling my thumbs while the prep the plane or get that little ramp out to it. Just make sure to take a deep breath or two and try to keep yourself busy.



The CONTRABAND List Photo Credit: scamazine

I understand that airports have to be very careful with what they let past security since 9/11 but I find it very hard to believe that my nail clippers are that big of a threat. They make you throw away your water bottle, any lotion that you have that goes a little above the allowed fluid ounces and you basically have to empty your whole bag just to put everything in that little plastic bag. As much as I understand it, it still annoys me to no end.


People in Front of You in Line That Don't Understand the CONTRABAND List

People in Front of You in Line That Don't Understand the CONTRABAND List Photo Credit: envyPhotos

Oh yes, this is something I can never get over. As much as the contraband list annoys me, I've familiarized myself so that I don't have to jump through all the rings and hoops that security throws at you. What I hate is the people in line that are in front of you that stare at the list as though it's written in a foreign language. To avoid being one of those last minute line holder uppers, read the list of what you can't have online BEFORE packing, or at least before showing up at the airport.


Removing Your Shoes and Pocket Change

Removing Your Shoes and Pocket Change Photo Credit: tina.rina

This is something I will never understand, Whenever I travel in the summertime I'm still forced to remove my flip flops as though I'm hiding something in the one inch strip that goes between my toes. Sure I can agree to the removal of all metal objects even if it takes ten years but I'm not down with taking off my shoes in the same place everyone else does. Just take a deep breath, wear shoes that are easy to remove and don't have anything metal and you should be just fine.


People That Take Too Long Removing Shoes and Pocket Change

The shoe and pocket change rule has been around for as long as I can remember so what I can't understand is the people that choose to wear the most tied up, hard to remove footwear you will ever see in your life. Of course, they're always in front of you. Wear easy to remove shoes and please for the love of all things good, don't have so many quarters in your pocket that it looks like you robbed a pinball machine. No one wants to stand behind the guy that has to dig around in his pockets for 36 minutes.



PARKING Photo Credit: Airportparkinglax

As if all the signs and confusion about parking at the right airline weren't enough, actually parking is a major pain in the patella. There are limited spots, the fees are OUTRAGEOUS, and of course, the parking structure is about 26 miles from where you need to check in. Just remember to familiarize yourself with the airport's layout and where you should be parking before you get into your car.



The BOREDOM Photo Credit: Photocapy

This is not something that can really be helped. It doesn't matter where you are, if you're just sitting around for a long period of time waiting for something, you're going to be bored. Bring yourself some entertainment. A book, a hand held game, an airport buddy who's ear you can talk off, whatever you do try your hardest not to succumb to the airport ennui.

Well ladies, as cumbersome as airports can be hopefully you find it in your power to be above all the hassles. Just remember knowledge is power. Make sure that you know all there is to know about the policies of the airline you're flying with and bring yourself some forms of entertainment! Any other tips to help out with airport annoyances? Any to add to the list? Let me know down below!

Top Photo Credit: John Gilchrist

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