10 Most Annoying Things about Airports ...

I don't know about you ladies but my least favorite part of traveling is always the mad dash and craziness that is the airport. You arrive two hours early just to be sure that you can get through security only to find yourself bored long before it's time to board your plane. But if you show up late you're sure to miss it! And these are just a couple of the things that I find exasperating when I take a trip. The following is the list of the ten most annoying things you encounter at the airport!

1. Crying Babies

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There seems to always be a crying baby whenever you're about to rip your hair out from sheer agitation. But in the airports I find that they're numbers seem to multiply. While you're waiting to board they begin to fuss but once you're actually ON the plane, all h-e-double hockey sticks breaks loose. Just remember take a calming breath and don't blame the mothers... I'm sure they're just as close to pulling their hair out as you are.

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