7 Things Not to Say to Strangers ...


7 Things Not to Say to Strangers ...
7 Things Not to Say to Strangers ...

Have you ever been totally insulted or offended by a complete stranger? Well you’re not alone! Some people seem to have absolutely no tact in what they say to others, especially strangers. But just because you’ll never see them again isn’t an excuse to say the first thing that pops into your head! Here are 7 things you should never say to strangers!

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When Are You Due?

When Are You Due? Photo Credit: Baba Zuwa

You really have no way of knowing if this lady is expecting or if she is just a bit overweight. And if she’s not pregnant and you ask her this question, she will be greatly offended! Trust me on this one….you ladies hear me, right?


I Already Have a Boyfriend

I Already Have a Boyfriend Photo Credit: Laura Gommans

If a random guy politely smiles at you and says hi, you don’t have to immediately assume that he’s trying to hit on you. If he starts trying to feel up your backside, then we may have a problem but if he’s just being friendly and making small talk, be friendly back and then go on with your day without spoiling his.


Are You Really Going to Eat That?

Are You Really Going to Eat That? Photo Credit: mmmfruit

Who cares what strangers eat? If the person in question isn’t your aunt with diabetes or your dad who struggles with his weight, let others eat what they want in peace. No need to embarrass someone just because they want to have a donut or two, even if they look like they may have had more than one or two in the past.


You Don’t Look so Great

You Don’t Look so Great Photo Credit: medias res

With flu season here now, more and more people are likely to hear this comment in the next few months! However, there’s kinder ways to word it. And what if the person really isn’t sick, they just had a long night or a hard day? Be careful what you say!


Wow. Are You in a Bad Mood?

Wow. Are You in a Bad Mood? Photo Credit: syamastro

Whoa to the person who makes this comment to a woman on the warpath, especially one you don’t know! We’ve all seen a few people stomp around in a public place, but the best thing to do is simply ignore it and quietly step aside. And then remember how ridiculous their display of behavior was so that next time you get offended you can save the venting session for later on in the privacy of your own home!


Are Those Your Real Teeth?

Are Those Your Real Teeth? Photo Credit: Julian James Ward

Or real breasts, or real hair, or real lips….the list goes on and on! If you want to pay someone a compliment just mention how straight and white his or her teeth are. If they want to volunteer any more info as to how legit their teeth (or any other body part) may be, that’s up to them entirely!


Isn’t That the Same Dress You Wore Last New Years Eve?

Isn’t That the Same Dress You Wore Last New Years Eve? Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

So what if it is? There’s no need to embarrass someone just because they wore the same dress twice. Maybe it’s their fave dress! And if it’s not the same one, it won’t be the wearer of the dress who’s embarrassed!

Be respectful and kind when you speak to strangers and they will do the same for you. I’m sure we’ve all had moments when we put our foot into our mouth! What is the rudest thing a stranger has ever said to you?

Top Photo Credit: Messy! "Away Again"

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Concerning #7: how would you even know what a stranger wore the previous New Year's/holiday/etc? They wouldn't be a stranger at that point.

OMG i said number 1 to a stranger and they weren't pregnant so you can imagine how horrible the situation went

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