7 Things NOT to Feed Your Bearded Dragon ...


7 Things NOT to Feed Your Bearded Dragon ...
7 Things NOT to Feed Your Bearded Dragon ...

I have read websites and blog postings giving people the wrong information on what to feed lizards, such as bearded dragons. There are some things that you have to avoid feeding the dragon. Below, I am going to give you 7 things NOT to feed your bearded dragon. I repeat, do NOT feed this to your dragon.

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Cabbage Photo Credit: tina negus

Cabbage causes gas. Did you know that lizards are not able to pass gas? Therefore, you should avoid feeding them cabbage?



Kale Photo Credit: Louise001

You may think kale is healthy for your bearded dragon, but that is where you are wrong. Kale should be avoided.


Bugs Found in the Wild

Bugs Found in the Wild Photo Credit: ✿gottcha78✿

You should definitely avoid finding bugs in the wild to give your bearded dragon. I have known people to go out in their yard and catch their dragon some crickets. This is not a good idea. Even if you do not spray your yard for pesticides, that does not mean those around you don't.


Raw Meat

Some people actually think they can keep raw meat in the freezer and feed it to their dragon. They think they can go to the grocery store and get their dragon meat. Again, this is a big no, no.


No Frogs, Lizards or Toads

No Frogs, Lizards or Toads Photo Credit: doug88888

I have heard of people feeding their dragon frogs, toads and lizards only to report that their dragon died from it. This is not a good idea.



You should avoid feeding spinach to your dragon. This could cause calcium to build up in their body and that is not a good thing.


Lightning Bugs

Lightning Bugs Photo Credit: herzogbr

This is toxic to bearded dragons. Never feed your dragon lightening bugs as it will kill them. Keep your dragon out of reach of lightening bugs.

The are 7 things NOT to feed your dragon. Your dragon could become ill or worse, die if you feed these things to them. So, AVOID it at all costs. Do you have a beardie?

Top Photo Credit: herzogbr

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