10 Jobs You Should Be Glad You Don't Have ...


Do you hate going to work? Well, most people would much prefer to stay at home, but some jobs are truly dreadful. My sister worked in a tuna factory for a while...she hated tuna, the smell made her feel sick. Needless to say, she didn’t last long! If you count the minutes until you can go home, be glad you don’t have these weird but very true jobs...

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Janitor at an ‘Adult’ Theatre

Janitor at an ‘Adult’ Theatre Photo Credit: Boy_Wonder

Yes, these poor people do exist. And if being a janitor wasn’t bad enough, they get the added benefit of cleaning up the chairs after the visitors have..enjoyed themselves. Ew! Well, at least they get free access to the cinema? And they are sure to have plenty of man-friends. But to be honest, I don’t think that’d make up for it...ew!


Guarding Buckingham Palace

Guarding Buckingham Palace Photo Credit: mambo1935

Not only do these very patriotic men have to stand in the heat and heavy uniforms for hours, but they are also not allowed to laugh or smile, despite tourists always trying to ‘break their stare’. They are also subject to regular inspections, and failing leads to punishments, such as additional guard duties.


Animal Masturbator

Animal Masturbator Photo Credit: floridapfe

Sometimes, animals just don’t breed like we’d like them too, and whether it’s too artificially impregnant females or to study an animals fertility, there becomes a call for a sample of the animals sperm. Which means somebody is employed to ‘masturbate’ the animal, and extract its sperm. This could involve electrostimulation or manual work, depending on the animal and current research and advice, but is always going to be very unpleasant...I love animals, but not that much!


Sewer Cleaners

Sewer Cleaners Photo Credit: Roman G.

While this job might only exist in some places, as others will allow technology to do the job for them, some people are still employed as sewer cleaners. How it works? The cleaner goes down the sewer, usually just wearing loose fitting clothing. They take a bucket, which they fill with excrement, and attach to a pipe which is lowered down the sewer. The pipe is then pulled up, and the bucket emptied and sent back down. This continues until the sewer is unblocked. Ew!


Mosquito Researcher

Mosquito Researcher Photo Credit: Ammar Alothman

Mosquitos are horrible...come on, who doesn’t cover themselves in repellent when you know there is one around?! Well, when creating these repellents, they need mosquitoes to test on. Which involves a scientist sacrificing themselves inside a mosquito net with holes in it, allowing the bugs to feast on them so he can trap them in a container. The record holder managed to catch 500 of the bugs in 3 hours...and he suffered around 3,000 bites! Ouch!


Portable Toilet Cleaner

Portable Toilet Cleaner Photo Credit: Tales of a Flaneur

Well, most people don’t enjoy using portable toilets, but sometimes, there is no excuse. And at festivals, there are often very long queues, with hundreds of people needing the toilet...and they’d be even more disgusting if they weren’t cleaned regularly. The cleaners get to attach a suction tube to the toilet, and suck out the waste. They then pick up any toilet paper, and blast the toilet with a pressure washer. It takes only a few minutes, and most cleaners clean around 100 per day. Obviously any big blockages could take extra time, but the cleaners are paid well...they earn around $50,000 per year!


Mouthwash Judge

Mouthwash Judge Photo Credit: mj98263@yahoo.com

Ever wondered how they taste mouthwash? Well, a mouthwash judge allows people with very bad breath to breathe in his face, both before and after trying the mouthwash. They then report on any change...if they are still alive to smell it! I can’t think of a worst job....ick!


Cat Food Quality Control

Cat Food Quality Control Photo Credit: Hulpy (Carmen)

Yep, cats’ food is controlled. The food has to undergo several tests, including the tester burying their face in it to check for freshness, smothering their arms in it to grope for bony bits, and smoothing it over a surface to check for gristle. Yuck. Whats worse is that cat food always smells terrible, and my cats don’t like it anyway.


Roadkill Remover

Roadkill Remover Photo Credit: Perry McKenna

I must admit, I’d always wondered what happened to things, but I saw a programme once about a man who collected roadkill to cook and eat, and I just thought there was more of him. Not so. Roadkill removers are there to collect the body parts, clean the road and attempt to leave, without getting run over. Not easy, and not pleasant.



Lumberjack Photo Credit: jpdodd

Lumberjacks have it bad...they often spend weeks in isolated locations in terrible weather, they work very long hours and have to hit targets, they aren’t paid well and it’s very hard work. It’s also quite deadly...82 die out of 100,000 per year, which makes it the third most fatal job. And, it pays minimum wage. Eugh.

Well, if you are still not feeling at least a little better about your job, I dare you to try one of these for a fortnight...I can guarantee you’ll miss you’ll own job! Do you think you’ve thought of the worst job in the World? I’d love to hear what you think!

Top Photo Credit: Steve Branley

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I actually knew someone who worked at an adult theater. He got paid extremely well, so didn't mind the grossness of it as much. The one thing he did hate was when people (men and women) would try to hit on him.

There's an animal masturbator? Wow. I had no idea. And omg! Imagine being a mouthwash judge. YUCK!

Ive heard of a dog food taster. Where the person tastes dog food for a living.

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