8 Great Ways to Exercise Your Brain ...


8 Great Ways to Exercise Your Brain ...
8 Great Ways to Exercise Your Brain ...

Use it or lose it, they say. How true this is of the brain! We work out our bodies, but forget about the mind. So to help stave off the slippery slope into senility, here´s some great ways to exercise your mind.

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Learn a Language

If that doesn’t stretch your brain, nothing will.


Play Word Games

Play Word Games Games, such as Scrabble or crosswords, are great. Even if you can’t complete it, you will expand your vocabulary.

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Watch Quiz Shows

You’re bound to learn some new facts, and you never know when they’ll come in useful! Why not take part in a quiz night yourself, and work that memory.


Try Some Mentalrobics

There are lots of exercises at braingle.com . Take memory tests, assess your IQ, and learn new words.


Practice Some Yoga, Meditation, or Tai Chi

Practice Some Yoga, Meditation, or Tai Chi Are you wrestling with a problem? Relaxing your mind and body will help you see the situation more clearly, and come up with answers.

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Get Enough Sleep

Get Enough Sleep Your mind needs to relax, as well as your body. Give it the time it needs to recharge.

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Take an Evening Class

Not only will this give you the chance to learn something new, but socializing with other people also works the brain.


Stay up to Date

Stay up to Date Read newspapers, discuss current affairs, and take an interest in what’s happening around the world. Always be curious. There is an infinite amount of information available on the Internet, so if you want to know something, look it up.

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Do you give your mind a good workout, or have you let it get a bit flabby? What ideas do you have for mental weightlifting?

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Start writing a blog........you have to do most of them and result will be marvellous. you will have fun too.

Nice post.. Especially liked the point abt Scrabble.. I play online scrabble on Facebook a lot. Ever tried Tabboo ? Its a cool game that makes your brain think but in a fun way =)

OMG except Yoga and that stuff with meditation I've made them all...and some of them I still do ...daily :)

i HATE evening classes lol. i always want to be out in the world and can't wait to get out of class!

My husband and I love reading together, not only is a great way to exercise your brain but its a great way for us to bond! :) We also love watching Cash Cab...they have great questions on there.


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