10 Ways to Challenge Yourself ...

Every now and then life gets a little boring. It’s only a matter of time before everyday tasks make things seem more like a chore and less like a daily adventure. Why not spice it up? The female mind is a powerful thing and it needs to be stimulated. Here are 10 ways to challenge yourself and bring the pizazz back!

1. Write a Novel

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I LOVE books. With a capital β€œL!” It’s amazing to me that I can be whisked off to a different world, taken on a journey with people I know as well as I know myself and all without ever leaving the comfort of my favorite overstuffed chair. It’s my love of books that prompted me to attempt writing one. While it was far from the easiest thing I’ve ever done, writing that last line made me feel like a rock star. You’ll never look at books the same way again.

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