12 Health Tips That Could Change Your Life ...


12 Health Tips That Could Change Your Life ...
12 Health Tips That Could Change Your Life ...

Some health tips are obvious. Wearing sunscreen, for example, is regularly advertised and most people will now do it. There are a lot of less well known health tips, though, and some of them can have life changing results! I’ve been finding out exactly which health tips we should all know about and here they are...

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Your Body Needs Sleep More then Food

Your Body Needs Sleep More then Food Photo Credit: epSos.de

Your body can function for an entire week without food. A few days without sleep, and it will fall apart. You cannot stop yourself from falling asleep. Do you remember reading about people falling asleep at the wheel or at work, and thinking you could never do that? It’s much too easy to not get enough sleep these days. Make sleep a priority, as lack of it damages your immune system, which makes you more prone to illnesses.


Natural Doesn’t Mean Harmless

Natural Doesn’t Mean Harmless Photo Credit: robin_2711 Johanna Mifsud photography

Herbs and flowers are credited with so many different benefits that it’s easy to self-medicate almost any problem by just choosing the relevant herb. It’s important to remember that if something is strong enough to cure, it’s strong enough to hurt. Strong versions of St. Johns Wort and other medication should only be taken after consulting your doctor!


Check Your Pulse

Check Your Pulse Photo Credit: Églantine

Whether you do it while getting ready in the morning, in traffic jams or after exercising, take a few minutes each day to check your pulse. Feel for anything abnormal, such as an irregularity. Often people feel this before they suffer from strokes, so if you can spot your pulse changing, you can get yourself checked out before anything too bad happens!


Don’t Use Your Mobile in the Toilet

Don’t Use Your Mobile in the Toilet Photo Credit: laurenlemon

It’s surprising how many people use their phones as entertainment in the bathroom now. From talking on it to texting,playing games or checking the news, cellphonesseem to be the best way to stay connected in the bathroom. It’s not a great idea, though...It exposes your phone to bathroom germs, which can then transfer to your hands, face, eyes and inside. Yuck!


Stay near Your Friends

Stay near Your Friends Photo Credit: Herodoto

A recent survey has shown that those who live close to their friends are 25% happier then those who don’t, even if they all have contact through the internet and telephones. There is a lot to be said for actually meeting up with friends! If you aren’t near yours, make an active effort to make some new ones. The happinessis so worth it!


Stay in Touch...with Yourself

Stay in Touch...with Yourself Photo Credit: lu-d

Remember to take some time for yourself, and listen. Feel what you really feel, and think about what you need to think about. Your brain works how it works for a reason, but in all the hub-bub of everyday life, it can be so easy to just stop hearing. Listen to yourself, and you’ll feel much better, emotionally and mentally.


Keep Calm

Keeping calm is a great way to ward off dementia. Need to calm down? Find somewhere as quiet as possible, and sit down. Close your eyes and think of somewhere calm...I always find sea views are good, but also thinking of country scenery...big windmills slowly turning, and little creeks...it's easy to imagine that you are there, and hear it. You should feel much calmer and feel thestress melt away! Regularly check your blood pressure to see how you are doing.


Shout and Shake

Remembering some simple advice could help you save somebody’s life. If someone collapses around you, as well as calling an ambulance, remember to shout at them “Can you hear me?” and shake them gently. These actions can help bring them around. Always remember to put people into the recovery position unless they could have damaged their spine, too.


Jaw Ache?

Jaw Ache? Photo Credit: That Other Guy

If you are female and have noticed jaw ache,tooth pains, indigestion and exhaustion, get yourself checked out. Women are much more prone to ‘silent heart attacks’, which these are all symptoms of. If you have high blood pressure or cholesterol, you need to be even more aware, as these conditions increase your chances of heart problems.



So there are lots of products that claim to help you detox, and even more weird and wacky detox ideas on the internet, but really all you need to do is eat fibre. Fibre keeps your digestive system functioning nicely, and even protects you from the worst digestive condition...bowel cancer. A recent study showed that people who consume a lot of fibre don’t tend to suffer from bowel cancer, but those who don’t eat much fibre get it much more frequently.


Value Your Memory

Value Your Memory Photo Credit: © Marron Glacé

Don’t link together age and bad memory. Low expectations of your own ability to remember and recall causes bad memory, it has no link to getting older. So, instead of blaming your memory loss on your age, learn how to improve it. Your memory is a fantastic tool, but it needs maintenance, and without it you risk forgetting your very best memories so exercise your brain regularly.


Brush Your Teeth

Brush Your Teeth Photo Credit: Dan Lockton

Surveys show that increasing numbers of people are too busy to brush their teeth, which is quite shocking! As well as keeping them looking good, brushing your teeth prevents gum problems, and banishes bacteria. If the bacteria is left alone, it can cause chest infections, clot in arteries and even cause premature birth in pregnant women. So please find time to brush!

Wow, some of these were totally new to me! I’ve been taking them on board, though, and I hope that my new found knowledge will prevent me from becoming unhealthy in later life. Do you know a health tip which is life changing? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: @mands

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