12 Things You Should do before You Hit 25 ...


12 Things You Should do before You Hit 25 ...
12 Things You Should do before You Hit 25 ...

Everyone has heard the saying “You’re never too old,” but for some things, there is an age limit. After all, everyone has seen that woman who embarrasses herself acting much younger than she is... it’s almost as bad as dressing much younger then you are! Want to see how you are doing, or what you might need to prepare to give up? Here are the twelve things most people think you should give up before you hit 25...

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Dressing in Pink

Okay, so there is nothing wrong with pink, and I own quite a few pink items I have no intention of giving up any time soon. But, dressing head to toe in pink, and resembling Barbie? Well, when you are young, you can almost get away with it. But its a look that has “mutton dressed as lamb” written all over it, and no one wants to look old at 25. Paris, I mean you!


Epic Hangovers

There was a time when drinking until you can’t remember your name and telling the world about your epic hangover on facebook was acceptable... now it just looks a little childish. And while drinking is definitely still fun, enjoying a cocktail with friends and being able to remember what happened is much more fun!



I love my Dad, but when you hit 25, calling him "Daddy" gets a little creepy. I mean, he will always be your Dad, and you will always be his little girl, but just call him "Daddy" in private. Or when you want something. It sounds less like sugardaddy that way, and come on, if you don’t stop at 25, when will you?!


Not Using Sunscreen

Okay, so not using sunscreen at any age is a silly mistake, but teens will be teens. By 25, you should have seen the warnings (and the evidence) enough to avoid sunbeds, use sunscreen and fake rather then bake. It’ll keep you looking glowing and gorgeous, without risking like an old leather bag. Which is not a good look!


Waiting for Your Fairytale

Everyone wants to be swept off their feet, and I’m not saying that won’t happen. But sooner or later, you have to start to make your own future. Whether it’s kick starting your career or looking for your prince, make your own luck. You should have a good idea who you are and what you want now, so make the most of it!


Wearing Leotards

Okay, so Madonna has a better figure then most of us, but we still cringe when she goes out in a leotard, and she has the status to make it fashionable. The problem is, it’ll never be fashionable. Once you are out of your teens, you should have made most of your fashion mistakes, so throw the leotards away!



Carrying your dog around in a tiny bag is cute. But only if you are five. Come on, it’s a dog... they have four legs for a reason! And carrying your dog around everywhere in your bag once you’ve left your teens has just a twinge of tragicness about it... I mean, combined with pink clothing, you could be Paris Hilton. And she is the only person who could possibly get away with that.


Reading Teen Magazines

Knowing how to make an “I love the Jonas Brothers” T shirt, how to relax for your first kiss and what your high school style is has no real relevance to your life anymore, and you should probably trade up to sophisticated, grown up magazines. Or grown up fun magazines. Whatever takes your fancy. They’ll be much more you!



Gossiping is a very high school thing. You love your friend, and enjoy your friendship, so why do you spend your time dissecting her outfits and trashing her wedding? Get rid of any ‘toxic’ friends and be honest and genuine. It makes life much less stressful!


Not Being in the Know

I don’t mean about the name of Brangelina’s new child... I mean about real life events. Read some headlines, and make an opinion. It doesn’t have to take long, but it makes you much more knowledgeable, and mature. Plus, it gives you a conversation with almost anyone... grown ups discuss the news and weather if all else fails, so have something to say!


Being Late

Whenever you are late, you will be annoying someone. Everyone has been there... planning and rushing to be somewhere on time, only for someone else to stroll in ten minutes later. It isn’t fashionable, it's immature, and it’s a bug bare of most people. Get a watch, and a schedule, and be on time!


The Walk of Shame

Be prepared. Carry protection, and refuse to have unprotected sex. Make sure you have spare underwear, a make up wipe and a hair brush in your handbag, and always have enough money and the phone number for a taxi. The walk of shame is rubbish at any age, but as you get older, it gets much more embarrassing.

Okay, so some of these are common sense, and most of them aren’t fun. But, growing up can be hard to do, and no one wants to be that girl that never seems to manage it... Don’t forget, though, that there are no hard and fast rules, and being 25 doesn’t mean you should stop having fun, it just changes your focus a little. Have you got a tip for things you should stop before you hit 25? Please let me know!

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Too much pink + dog in a bag = Someone You Will Not Want To Be.

thats a nice list. you're never too old for gossip though. and the famous walk of shame wont seem as bad at when you're 40

pretty cool.pls can anyone tell me thier views about ones boyfriend watching porn???????????

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