9 Things to do at Least Once before You Die ...


Everybody has a Bucket List, even if it's only in the back of your mind. Nobody wants to think about death, of course, but when I think about a Bucket List, I think of the items on it as things that help you celebrate your life and really live it. That being said, here are some things I think everyone should try to do at least once in their lives!

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Continent Hopping

Continent Hopping Photo Credit: davidgutierrez photography

The world really is big, beautiful, and vast, and I think a lot of people – myself included – limit themselves about the areas they intend to visit. Like, I want to visit Europe, no question, but I rarely stop to think about all the other continents. An item on every Bucket List should be to visit all seven continents.


Learn a Language

Learn a Language Photo Credit: kool_skatkat

Now, here, I don't mean those four years of French or Spanish you took in high school and don't remember now. Furthermore, you definitely shouldn't limit yourself to learning just one foreign language, but that's a great start. After all, you'll need some help when you're visiting so many different countries!


The Wonders of the World

The Wonders of the World Photo Credit: **Anik Messier**

There are so many Wonders of the World – how many are there now, eight, nine? I think everyone should try to visit at least one Wonder that isn't in their home country. It gives you the opportunity to see something awe inspiring and to learn about a different culture.


Go to Carnival

Go to Carnival Photo Credit: _ ♪ Claudio Lara ♫

Even if you don't like to dance, Brazil's Carnival is one of those huge once in a lifetime experiences. Again, it gives you a terrific opportunity to learn an exciting part of a different culture. Plus, who wouldn't want to experience at least a little of one of the biggest parties in the world?


Travel by Boat

Travel by Boat Photo Credit: _Paula AnDDrade

In this day and age, it's go, go, go, all the time. What flight is going to get you there faster? Even the trains take less time now. So, try to make it possible to travel somewhere on a boat. Maybe you can sail, maybe you'll just take a straight up cruise, but let it be leisurely. There's nothing like being on the ocean.


Teach Your Native Language

Teach Your Native Language Photo Credit: govcedric

Speaking from experience, teaching your native language to someone who doesn't know it very well or who doesn't speak it at all is one of the richest and most rewarding experience. It's like you're giving someone the gift of words. Better yet, have the person you are teaching turn around and teach you their native language as well – or learn their language on your own.


Meet Your Heroes

Meet Your Heroes Photo Credit: Unsuitable

Maybe you love Johnny Weir (ahem), Brad Pitt, Stephen King, a famous doctor, a well known travel writer, or an indie musician. Whatever the case, if it's someone who really inspires you, try your hardest to meet them, even if you only have enough time to tell them they inspire you.


Go Backpacking

Go Backpacking Photo Credit: keithusc

First, go read Dork Whore by Iris Bahr. The book and her descriptions made me want to backpack through Asia. Arrange the opportunity to backpack through parts of the country or continent you've always wanted to visit, no matter where it is.


Do What You Want

Do What You Want Photo Credit: have you any wool?

Everyone has different items on their lists. Everyone has different goals that will really make their life fulfilling. Do it! Don't worry about what anyone else thinks or does. Wanna be a stay at home mom who plays in the back yard with her kids? Go for it! Wanna be a doctor? You could do that, too.

These are just some of things I think people should do before they die. Goodness knows my own Bucket List is filling up fast. I can't imagine all the things there are to do out there. So come on, help me out: what are some of things you want to do, what's on your Bucket List?

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very inspirational...=)

Want to do all of them at least.

one of my fav posts so far :] thanks

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