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10 Ways to Break out of a Routine ...

By Alison

It’s so easy to fall into a routine – do the same old things every day, and before you know it, you’re bored, frustrated and with no idea how to change things. So here I offer some tips on how to smash that rut.

1 Do One Thing Differently Every Day

Do One Thing Differently Every DayIf you always walk the same route to work, try another way. You might see something that you wouldn’t otherwise see, that makes your day just that little bit more interesting.

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2 Do Things Your Way

Do Things Your WaySo things were always done a certain way in your family? Hey, you’re an adult, with your own life. If you want to change how you do things, you can. Parents don’t always know best.

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3 Go Offline

Go OfflineHave you fallen into the habit of spending hours on the Internet and not really achieving anything? It’s really not necessary to have 5,000 friends on Facebook and spend hours reading their updates every day. Cut down on your use of the computer, and when you use the Internet, use the time wisely.

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4 Dress up Even Though You're Not Going out

Dress up Even Though You're Not Going outDo you always go makeup-free because you’re at home all day, or don’t bother dressing up because no-one will see you? Get something reasonably smart out of your wardrobe, slap on a bit of lipstick, and you’ll automatically feel different.

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5 Make Lunch Breaks More Fun

Make Lunch Breaks More FunYou may be stuck with a routine during working hours, but vary what you do in your lunch break. Take a walk, read a book, study, eat lunch in a different place.

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6 Redecorate

RedecorateBored with your home? Change things around. Maybe you can make better use of the space. One piece of furniture might look good in a different location. Or you’ve got a quilt tucked away that will make your bed look completely fresh and new.

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7 Meet New People

Meet New PeopleOkay, I’ll admit this is something I need to do, so I should follow my own advice. Get out and about, talk to people you wouldn’t normally associate with – they’re probable much more interesting than you would expect. Don’t dismiss someone just because they’re not ‘your type of person’.

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8 Cross Things off Your Bucket List

Cross Things off Your Bucket ListThink of something you’ve always wanted to do but have never got started on. Say, learn a language, visit a particular country, drive a fast car … once you’ve identified that wish, get out there and do it. Join a class, start saving for that trip, book a day at a race track …

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9 Get a Motivating Buddy

Get a Motivating BuddyIf you find it hard to get motivated, find someone to partner with so you can encourage each other. Meet up to discuss your plans and dreams. It’s often easier to come up with ideas for someone else, as you can see things differently from the outside.

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10 Stop Putting Things off

Stop Putting Things offIt’s all too easy to find reasons not to do something, but much harder to go ahead and do it. So put an end to procrastination and get on with it!

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What are your tips for getting out of a rut? What has worked for you?

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