5 Things to do on Your Break ...


5 Things to do on Your Break ...
5 Things to do on Your Break ...

Furry Friends

If you have all but 5 minutes to spare today, you'll thank us if you spend them looking at these CUUUUUUUUTE animals. Seriously, they will make you want to say a

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You probably have a day off today because it's Martin Luther King Day. Why don't you take a moment to learn more about what he has done for us? While you're at it, check out the other day off ideas posted on College Candy.


Perhaps it's time to do some landscaping changes. Check out the wonderful ideas Aprille Ross wrote for us. I like the bit about collecting stones from here and there.


Why don't you take that first step on becoming a much fitter you? How about training for a triathlon? Read this inspiring blog to get started.


Take a walk or get a massage. Clear your mind of thoughts of work, school projects, family squabbles, etc. Not only will it be good for you, you might be helping your psychic abilities, too.

These are all wonderful ideas to do when you have a day off. Tell us, which of these do you fancy doing RIGHT NOW?

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Pampering myself...nothing is better.

Every holiday, I just lay in the bath, reading with a cup of coffee. It's so relaxing!

Hey,this is a nice pic

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