8 Things to do on International Womans Day


If you are a woman, then I bet you don’t mind celebrating the day when women finally decided to speak up and get very loud in expressing their opinions on the poor treatment they were getting over the years. On this day, women got a legal right to do everything men do, get paid for it the same as men and be what they are today. It’s not a commercial holiday made to boost the sales of flowers and perfumes, it’s more than that! And here’s some ideas on what to do, if you want to celebrate it in some way:

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Have Fun with Your Girls

Organize a girl’s night out! Invite your favorite girls for a cup of coffee, a drink, dinner or a gossip party. This is a day that celebrates all women regardless of their age, occupation or social status and it should be celebrated. This may sound a bit harsh, but, if we stop celebrating it, who’s going to do it? Presidents have their day, veterans have their day and I could go on and on about all these holidays. So, when we have our day, it’s only fair to spend it with women that made our life better.


Explain Your Daughters What This Day Stands for

Like I said – if we forget about this great day and let our own personal problems get in the way of celebrating it the way it deserves to be celebrated, in a couple of years, there won’t be anybody to make sure the tradition is passed on. And that would be a damn shame, considering how much we all benefited from that brave group of women and their decision to fight for their beliefs. So, Google as much info as you can about this day, make special surprises for the next generation of doctors, scientists, top chefs, writers, CEOs and moms you are raising, and teach them that being a woman isn’t always easy but it sure is great!


Get Mad at Any Man Who Forgets about It

Some say women that have no children shouldn’t celebrate this day. My own fiancé, for example, had no idea this day is about all women, not only his mom and was pretty shocked when I introduced the “new” rule. So, yes, I want my kiss and a “Happy Women’s Day every year! He doesn’t have to get me a present but he has to remember this date. All ladies will get a “Happy Women’s Day” from me, special ones will get a little surprise too and men who forget about it…well, they get a “Happy Woman’s Day” too. LOL!


Receive Presents

Don’t feel embarrassed because somebody got you a present! That’s very sweet and thoughtful and you should accept it with pride and say the most honest, sweetest “thanks” you can. Forget the “ah, you shouldn’t have” c#ap – he/she should have, he/she did it and, if you keep insisting on the “oh, you shouldn’t have” on every important date, people will actually listen to you. My mom has thought me this and I will be forever grateful to her. She did the “oh you shouldn’t have” routine so often that she rarely gets anything from anybody now. You deserve everything and even more and I simply know you’re smart and down-to-earth enough not to look at the price tag but an idea behind it.


Give Presents

Well, isn’t there a better way to show how much you love this holiday than to get small, nice gifts for all the important women in your life? Your good colleagues, boss, mom, daughter, sister, BFF and all others that are in some way special to you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a material person and for me, even a handmade greeting card is a very special gift. So, when I’m talking about gifts, I have small things in mind. A flower, a greeting card, a poem – whatever you like and can afford. Those special women will know how to appreciate that.


Get All Dressed up

Hey, with so many things on our minds and so many things to do, being constantly dressed to perfection is a mission impossible. But, this is your day so have your hubby take the kids to school and you use that extra time to put your makeup on and dress into the best outfit. You can even wear those killer heels! Pack the ballet flats inside your bag (long live huge bags) and show up in the office looking like a poster girl for a modern corporate woman.


Make the “Why It’s Great to Be Me” List

Your life isn’t always prefect but, believe me, there are people that are willing to trade places with

you without thinking! Why wouldn’t they? You are smart, beautiful, funny, great-kisser, you have a gorgeous smile, good friends, people that love you and all those things that might not seem like much, but they literally mean the world. So, on this day, I suggest you send all negative feelings on a little vacation and make a list of all great things about you!


Take Charge

Maybe you have a great idea you just can’t get yourself to present to your boss? Maybe you’re trying to bring up the issue of your raise? Well, then you should do the same thing all those women did so many years ago – take charge and improve your working conditions. It doesn’t have to be none of the above, you can just decide to ask that cute guy out and, if you do so, definitely remember to pick up the tab – we wanted fair treatment so, if you suggested going out, you’re buying the drinks. You want to get “lucky” tonight? Well poke the hubby enough to get him to stop snoring and go, “Umm, what, what?” and then… well, you know! Fair treatment. Demand and supply. LOL!

What are you going to do for Women’s Day? I’m planning to get all my girls finally together, make a dinner and cocktails and indulge in good ol’ fashioned gossips. It’s been ages since the last time we all had a chance to sit together and just talk.

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