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Do you feel that your life has fallen into a routine? Every day you go to work, eat lunch in the same place, talk to the same people, and watch TV when you come home? Do you feel the need to introduce something different into your life? This doesn’t have to involve major alterations in your habits; even small changes can make life just that bit more interesting. So here are some ideas for things to try this week. They all involve an element of randomness, so that you can be open to something you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Try them!

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A Word a Day

It’s always good to expand your vocabulary – not only does it improve your chances of completing the crossword, but you will also look incredibly intelligent when you use words that nobody else understands. Here’s how to do it. Every day, flick through the dictionary and open a page at random. Find a word that you like the look of, or that has an interesting definition – and bonus points if you manage to get it into the conversation!


Start a Conversation

Many of us don’t like talking to strangers, in case they think we’re one of those crazy people that talks to strangers, but I’ve had some really interesting chats with people I’ve never met before and will never see again. At the very least, you can pass the time of day with someone, but you may also find that you have something in common and become friends! And without that conversation it wouldn’t have happened!


Choose a Class

Are you always saying you’re going to do an evening class (like me)? Grab a brochure from your local adult education centre and flick through – but instead of choosing something, try picking a class at random. If your finger lands on a class that’s really not to your taste, just try again.


Pick a Book

Do you always read the same genre of books? Why not try a book that you choose at random. Take a trip to your local library, pick a number from 1-9, and select a book beginning with that number. Even if it’s a topic you normally wouldn’t go for, have a flick through – you may find it more interesting than you think.


Random Route

Go out for a walk, but without a destination in mind. Instead take a random route. Just wander here and there, turning down a street that looks interesting. By doing this, you can stumble across an intriguing shop, a beautiful garden or even bump into someone you know.


Random Radio

Do you always leave your radio tuned to the same station? Try something new – pick a number and tune in to the nearest station. Or try internet radio – there are a huge number of stations available, and you might hear some new songs that you love, but otherwise wouldn’t have heard.


Think Drink

When you go to a bar, do you always order the same drink without fail? Time to ring the changes! Ask the barman to recommend something new. If you don’t like it, you can try something different next time. Or why not order a cocktail?

I hope this has given you some ideas if you’re feeling a bit stuck. Even small changes can make life more interesting! Have you ever tried doing anything random?

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Word a day...loved the idea.

I love picking a book :)

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