8 Things to do when You're in the Elevator ...


8 Things to do when You're in the Elevator ...
8 Things to do when You're in the Elevator ...

A ride in the elevator can save you a long trip up flights of steep stairs. Many people find the ride enjoyable and may cheerfully strike up a conversation with others in the same cramped space. Elevators make some people nervous and they try to keep their minds occupied during the ride. Next time you take a trip on an elevator, use the opportunity to be productive with these quick little tasks. Here are 8 things to do when you’re in the elevator.

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Cell Phone Maintenance

It only takes a few seconds to clean out those old contacts and messages from your cell phone. Elevator time is perfect for eliminating useless or outdated information or adding new contacts. Taking advantage of elevator time to do cell phone maintenance enables you to enjoy an up-to-date, uncluttered contact list.


Plan Your Day

Many of us rely on our PDA or other devices to get us through the day in an organized manner. Time spent riding on an elevator is well spent when you use it to update your planner. Once in a while use the time to clean out old entries to make way for new entries.



Nothing is more relaxing than simply closing your eyes and indulging in a sweet daydream. Next time you are stuck on a long elevator ride, let your imagination run to the Bahamas and soak up a quick dose of summer sunshine. A long ride enables your imagination to treat you to a nice trip on the high seas on a luxurious cruise ship. De-stress yourself; use elevator time to daydream.


Keep a Journal

Utilize the time spent in the elevator to keep a journal. Our modern lives are so fast paced that we rarely take time to make written observations about our lives and surroundings. Even if the ride is short, it will give you enough time to make an entry into your journal.



Use elevator time to review information relevant to the day ahead. Perhaps you have a job interview or an upcoming exam. Use elevator time to review your notes and be well prepared for the things coming up.


Play Games

There are a multitude of hand-held electronic games available for those who enjoy fast paced entertainment to kill time on the elevator ride. Game players can electronically stalk a deer, shoot pool, drive a race car or blow up aliens; electronic games are a great way to kill time.


Strike up a Conversation

The art of conversation is often ignored when we are crammed onto an elevator. When a stranger has their nose in your back, it can be a little awkward so ease the tension with a quick “Hello!” There is no reason to throw manners out the window while riding elevators so don’t be a snooty elevator rider. Speak to the others crammed in next to you!


Make a to do List

When you are stuck on the elevator, grab a notepad out of your purse and start organizing your thoughts into a list. Write down all of the things you need to accomplish and you will leave the elevator a little more organized than you were when you stepped inside.

Elevator time does not need to be wasted time if you know how to use it. You can get small tasks done or make a new friend while riding up to your office each morning when you use these 8 things to do when you're in an elevator. What are your favorite ways to pass time on an elevator?

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I always do cellphone maintenance

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