5 Fun Things to Check out ...


5 Fun Things to Check out ...
5 Fun Things to Check out ...

If you are a fan of avocados, this link is for you. A confession: I didn't know you can eat them with toast. How delightful!

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Tying the knot this spring? You can wear classic plain shoes but why not go floral? Check out the oh-so-pretty shoes Diana found for us.


What say you to bold prints?? If you are tired of your dark-colored winter wardrobe, perhaps it's time to welcome these pretty bold prints for the warmer days ahead.


Spring means denim, no doubt about it. Here are several for which you should make space in your closet. Dibs on the ballet flats!


Now these may not fall under the traditional definition of fun but you have to admit that Greek gods have plenty of it (in that meddle with mortals kind of way). What Greek gods do you like?

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