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8 Things I do when I Feel Frustrated ...

By Melanie

From time to time, we all get frustrated, whether you are male or female, young or old – you get frustrated. You don’t have to admit it, that’s not what this blog is about. In this blog, I am going to try to help you see that you can easily get over that frustration. I am going to give you 8 things I do when I feel frustrated …

8 Work

When I am frustrated, I work. Of course, my career is writing for tons of clients/sites and as long as I am at home, I am at work. However, by work, I don’t just mean your career. I mean work that needs to be done in your house. Perhaps your house needs to be cleaned? I have found cleaning is therapeutic?

7 Read

I always find that reading is helpful when it comes to getting rid of frustration. Surely you have a good book sitting around somewhere, right? If not, then try reading some stuff online.

6 Play with My Pets

When I am frustrated, I play with my pets. The innocence of pets always helps me feel better thus getting rid of my frustration.

5 Go for a Walk

Going for a walk is great. While I am on the walk, I may take my dog and my little girl along with me. If not walk, then exercise. Exercising always help release any frustration. Perhaps boxing?

4 Go for a Drive

When all else fails, going for a drive is going to help you. However, make sure you are still in a straight mind and don’t take your anger out on the road. Just feeling the wind hit your face will feel good. It does good to get out of the house.

3 Play Video Games

Hey, why not play video games? Some can be complete destruction. Oh yes, that can be a great way to get that frustration out of the way if I must say. If you don’t like video games, then just move to the next.

2 Play with My Little Girl

I love playing with my favourite little girl – Ariela. Just seeing her smile and giggle lifts any frustration away that I was dealing with. She’s a world of fun and always finds a way to cheer me up.

1 Talk to My Husband

Of course, if nothing else seems to work or nothing else is available, then I know that my husband will be available as he is always there for me (thanks for that). So, when all else fails, I talk to him about my frustration and a simple hug will solve it.

There you have 8 things to do when I feel frustrated. Feel free to try any of these 8 things the next time you feel frustrated. I do help these help you out as much as they help me. From time to time, we all have to try something new and this may be one of those times. So, what do you do to get rid of your frustration?

Top Photo Credit: GianluK

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