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Do you feel like there is never enough time in the day? Do you find yourself making a list of things to do but never quite tick it all off? I’ve had a lot of days where I just can’t find the time to fit everything in, and I find it so frustrating! But I found some surprisingly easy ways to make more time and here are 12 ways to do the same...

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Take Time out

Take Time out Photo Credit: **ToniVC**

Take an hour with absolutely no interruptions, longer if you can. Use it to analyze your life. Take a look at all the elements of your life. Are you where you want to be? Do you have time to do the things you love? What takes up most of your time? Consider what is important to you, and prepare for change!


List the Essentials

List the Essentials Photo Credit: willycoolpics.

Instead of making a to do list, make a list of the things you want to have time for or dedicate more time too. Don’t forget the things you already do, unless you want to cut them out. This is your list of things you really have to find time for.


Analyze Your Current Schedule

Analyze Your Current Schedule Photo Credit: rikrak Creations
See what really takes up most of your time. Is it facebook, reading the jobs page, your trip to the gym or tidying up every morning? Make a list of your biggest time consumers. This will give you a better idea of what changes you need to make.



Take your essentials list, and schedule them in with a block of time every week. Don’t underestimate how long things will take or you will over run. Include everything you want and need to do.



Consolidate Photo Credit: timtak

Look at the things which take up a lot of time, and see if you can consolidate them. How about doing all the housework on one day and trying to keep it tidy, rather then spending hours every day repairing the damage of living messily? Or running all your errands on one day, in one car trip?


Rethink Your Routine

Rethink Your Routine Photo Credit: geeo123

Routines are tricky, as we are used to doing things one way. Look at yours, and see if it still suits your life. If you are short of time in the day, could you shower at night? Would waking up five minutes earlier give you more time to relax with a coffee before the stress of the day? See if your days need a revamp!


Say No

Say No Photo Credit: ukmcbo

Learn to say no to things you don’t want to do, don’t have to do or just can’t do. Saying yes to everything will always take up absolutely all your spare time, and completely stress you out. Be protective of your free time!


Use the Rule of Three

Use the Rule of Three Photo Credit: michele cat

Make a to do list for every day, but put only the three most important things on it. Make sure you have the time to do them, and don’t plan anything else. There is nothing more demotivating then a huge list of things to do!


Climb the Biggest Mountain First

Climb the Biggest Mountain First Photo Credit: B℮n

Pick the biggest task, and start with that first. Most people make the mistake of starting with the smallest and saving the biggest till the end, but you’ll be tired and getting restless by the end of the day, so it’s much easier to complete smaller tasks.



Delegate Photo Credit: Shana Rae {Florabella Collection}

Utilize your workforce! Get the children to help with exercising (dancing to the radio or running round the garden), housework (hoover races and washing up!) and anything else they could do. Even tidying is much faster with two...



Disconnect Photo Credit: galessa's plastics

Turn off the internet and unplug the phone when you are busy. Between reading forums, checking the news, looking at blogs, reading your emails and searching for information, it’s no wonder everything takes you twice as long.


Lunch Breaks

Lunch Breaks Photo Credit: rootberrys

Grab some lunch, and evaluate how well your day is going. Have another look at your schedule for the day, and take a few minutes to enjoy your food. Then fit in whatever you can.. .a quick exercise session, a walk, some me time? See what you can do to maximize your time.

Once you start using these tips every day, you’ll soon have much more free time, and find yourself getting much more done, too! I feel a lot more relaxed and content, and don’t struggle with huge to do lists anymore. Have you got a tip for maximizing your time? Please share it with me!

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I like the idea of getting the kids to pitch in. I had to and I got my kids doing so too but it seems so many 20 and unders are coming from families where pitching in is a strange idea. Kinda like home-cooked meals.

Great list! My favourite ways to spend some free time is reading and rooming through face book :P Although I don't have much left after my hectic normal days! :S

this is a great list of things. I've been having to do this stuff.. it helps a lot!

Nice post Kati. Actually I have an upcoming post on morning time management and your post will be a perfect link for overall time management. This is just to give you heads up that I will link yours with mine. Personally I live making lists for myself, and sometimes I rather get all the small stuff out of the way, and leave the big jobs for the end...it makes me feel like I have accomplished so much more...

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