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7 Reasons Not to Drive a Big Car ...

By Rebecca

Why is it that in today’s eco-conscious culture big saloons and people carriers are still the most popular vehicles on the road? Huge SUV’s designed for conquering the desert, giant 4x4s with fifty seats and one passenger: they’re literally everywhere you go. And you know what ladies? I can think of a million reasons why I’d rather drive something smaller, cheaper and (let’s be honest here) cuter.

1 Gasoline Genius

SUV’s, people carriers and fancy saloons use a LOT of petrol. There really is no getting around that fact – even hybrids burn more fuel than your average supermini! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, girls, but everyone’s kind of short of cash at the moment, and the less of it we spend on transport, the more we have left over for other necessities. Like shoes, for example.

2 Cheap Chic

While we’re on the subject of money, SUVs cost a lot of it. A brand new, four-seater supermini will, on average, set you back less than a third of the price of a second hand Escalade! And we’re talking a top of the range little car here: straight off the show room floor, anti-lock braking, aircon, electric seats … the works!

3 Perfect Parking

If you work in the city or drive to school, you’ll know what I’m saying here. Parking can be a real pain in the neck. Trying again and again to back into that one free space, surrounded by streams of waiting traffic and crowds of pedestrians … It’s just a nightmare, and one that is made infinitely worse if your car is big and unwieldy. Trust me girls, in situations like these you want a supermini. You’ll be reversing into that spot like a parking pro!

4 The Cute Factor

There are a million adorable small cars out there and, let’s be honest, guys might have a hard time getting away with some of them. We, on the other hand, look fantastic in everything and can totally pull off that little retro convertible!

5 Surprisingly Spacious

A lot of people reject the idea of driving a little car on the grounds that there just isn’t enough room. Okay, a family of five might have a point here, but those of us who commute to and from work, alone in a giant SUV?

6 Smiling in the City

City driving, particularly at rush hour, can be quite nerve-wracking in a big, wide car. When lanes get narrower and congestion builds, I know I fear for the safety of my wing mirrors. There’s no doubt that in a smaller car, this kind of driving is easier. So ladies, why not keep the 4X4 for the Amazon, and let the supermini deal with the urban jungle?

7 Insurance Issues

Big expensive cars are always pricier to insure, even when they’re driven by women, who tend to pay lower premiums. A smaller, cheaper car, on the other hand, will cost you less every month. What’s not to love about that?

What are your thoughts girls? Do you still dig SUVs? Or are you keen to go green with a cute supermini? Drop me a line; I’d love to hear what you’ve got say!

Top Photo Credit: Mecookie

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