7 Reasons Social Networking Sites Need to Chill ...


7 Reasons Social Networking Sites Need to Chill ...
7 Reasons Social Networking Sites Need to Chill ...

Social networking may well be taking over the world. I'm not trying to complain too much, because it's not like I'm not all over Facebook, all the time. But some things are just a little too much, and I kind of wish they would stop and/or go away, even though I know they won't. That's cool, that's what venting is for – so here's my rant on 7 reasons social networking sites need to just chill out a little.

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Cell Phones

It's not enough that everyone's permanently attached to their computers so they can constantly check out every status update on Facebook and every new Tweet from Twitter. Now, pretty much every new cell phone allows you to connect to the two most popular social networking sites – not to mention sites like YouTube and Twitter. And again, I can't really complain too much because I just synced my cell up with my Facebook so when I'm out, everyone can know what I'm out doing!


Changing the Language

How r u? R u ok? Btwn u & me I h8 nt spk. All right, I admit that if I'm in a hurry, or am trying to save space, I use net abbreviations to save space. But when it starts to infiltrate cards and letters and emails I receive, I sort of have an aneurysm. I have this feeling that, soon, we won't see any whole entire words on the internet at all – and we'll need decoder rings to understand anything.


Forcing Interactions

This is a shout out to Facebook, and I think I've complained about it before – everyone has! It's like, Facebook, you know my ex boyfriend? He's my ex for a reason. And it makes me paranoid when you suggest him as a friend, because then I know I've probably been suggested to him as well, and now I can't help wondering how come he hasn't sent me a friend request since you're forcing me down his throat. Sure, I know I haven't asked him to be my friend either, but he's crazy. Why isn't he giving me the chance to ignore him?!


Killing Face to Face Interactions

While everybody's trying to get you to be friends with people you never want to talk to again, what about your real friends? The ones you know in that strange, surreal place called IRL? It's easier to text than to call. It's easier to write on someone's wall or retweet something than it is to write a letter, send an email, or even shoot off an IM. Soon, we're never going to see people ever again.


Tweets Are Everywhere

I don't have a Twitter account. I talk too much for character limitations. Why, then, must I be subjected to other people's tweets on my Facebook? Why are they everywhere? Go away!


Replacing Everything

As I just mentioned, social networking is replacing everything. There are no calls, no emails, no real letters. There are no IMs, no full words, no entire sentences. Social networking sites are infiltrating the whole world. They're taking over! Augh!


Too Many

Finally, there are just way too many social networking sites now. I can't even keep up. By the time I gave in and got a Myspace, everyone was on Facebook. Then I broke down and got a Facebook, and everyone's tweeting. It's actually a personal kindness, me staying away from Twitter. I'm convinced that if I make an account, the whole network will suffer a sudden, painful death.

I get the convenience factor, but I really miss actually talking to people. I can't be the only one. Is anyone else overwhelmed by all this social networking madness?

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I hate netspeak. People need to quit butchering the English language.

people tend to spell bad too :(

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