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7 Good Reasons to Get a Divorce .. ...

By Melanie

Sometimes, when people get a divorce, I believe they really take it to the extremes and get a divorce for the wrong reason. If you believe you can work things out in your marriage and the love is still there, then you should go for it – working things out is much better than getting a divorce. However, I understand that there are some out there that just have to get a divorce and they have a good reason to do so. While I do not recommend divorce as the first option, I am going to give you 7 good reasons to get a divorce …

7 Cheating

Oh yes, cheating is definitely a reason to get a divorce. Of course, some people are able to pull through and get over this big bump in the road. However, there are others that are not able to get over the fact that they were cheated on.

6 Lying

Now, I am not talking about those little white lies here and there, while they do add up, they are not a reason for divorce – I am talking about those big lies. For example, you telling your spouse you were at work when you were really at the bar on numerous occasions.


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5 You Don’t Get along

Sometimes, people were not meant to be together. Sometimes, people just rush into marriage too fast and don’t realize they do not get along. I rushed into marriage, but 7 years later, we’re still getting along. I guess that was luck. It all depends on the person.

4 Your Spouse Makes You Feel Worthless

No one should make you feel worthless in this world, especially not your spouse. If your spouse makes you feel worthless and you have went over it with him or her, then that is a good reason to split up.

3 Controlling Behavior

I don’t know about you, but I do not like the controlling behavior. Sure, to a certain point, but when it goes to the girl or guy telling the husband/wife what to wear, what makeup to wear and so on, then things have gotten too controlling.

2 Not Nice to the Kids

This is definitely means for a divorce. If the spouse is mean to your kids and continues to be mean, then maybe you need to take them and go.

1 Abuse

If the spouse abuses you both physically and mentally, then this is a reason for divorce. You do not deserve to be abused in any way and this is not something a spouse should be doing.

Those are 7 good reasons to get a divorce. If you have recently gone through a divorce, then I am sorry. I could only imagine what you are going through. However, you may be happy to get away from them if they were abusing you, abusing your children or cheating on you – those are something I personally would not deal with. So, what about you – what is the one thing that would cause you to go through a divorce right now?

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