8 Reasons Why a Woman Needs Her Girlfriends ...


8 Reasons Why a Woman Needs Her Girlfriends ...
8 Reasons Why a Woman Needs Her Girlfriends ...

Every woman needs her girlfriends, whether she is single or in a relationship. Finding and sharing our thoughts, views, problems and concerns with like-minded woman fortifies us to face the world every day. No matter what comfort men provide, sometimes girls just want to be girls and that can only be possible with your girlfriends. Here are some of the essential reasons why a woman needs her girlfriends.

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To Have Someone to Go Shopping

Shopping with a man is one of the most excruciating experiences one can ever have, second only to childbirth. Men don’t have the patience to stand around and tell us how we look as we try on 10 to 12 outfits. A woman needs her girlfriends, because just like her, they love to shop. They will give you honest opinions on how you look allowing you to walk away with a flattering and fabulous choice.


To Have Someone for All Your Venting

Women put up with so much. First there are our husbands who refuse to do anything in the house. Then there are kids who are always looking for new ways to rebel. Then there’s our chauvinistic boss at work who can never appreciate what we do. Who can we turn to vent – our girlfriends because let’s face it; no one else has the patience or interest.


To Watch Chick Flicks

Chick flicks were created for women to bond and men to let us bond. Try getting a man to sit through ‘Stepmom’ or ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’; he will be out the door before the starting credits. Going with your girlfriends on the other hand gives you a chance to enjoy the movie with likeminded souls who will have oodles to talk about when it’s done.


To Have a Girls Night out

Sometimes after a long day at work, all you want to do is have a night out or in with the girls. There’s nothing quite as fun as getting drunk with your girlfriends and dancing the night away without a care in the world.


To Be a Better Partner to Your Life Partner

When you have some time away from your partner, a funny thing happens. You become a better partner. That’s another reason why a woman needs her girlfriends. Without your girlfriends, you will find yourself spending all your time with your partner and this can irritate both of you substantially.


To Get Some Honest Facts

Sometimes when you want to get the honest truth about just how fat you look and just how silly you’re being, your girlfriends are the only alternative. You know you’re going to get it straight from them, so keep them around to keep things real.


To Talk about Sex

Ever wonder why the show ‘Sex and the City’ was so popular. It’s because it is about four women freely talking about sex and all the concerns and queries we women face when we have sex. In this respect there’s just nothing quite like a woman’s perspective.


To Talk about Relatives

There is no one with whom we can talk about our relatives like another girlfriend facing a similar predicament. With girlfriends we can vent without restraint and let out all our frustrations about the people that dominate our lives.

A woman needs her girlfriends to be a happier woman. That’s the simplest explanation for why enduring friendships last longer than most marriages. So hang on to them ladies – you need them to keep your sanity.

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My boyfriend is really sweet about shopping as long as we don't stay too long:) He's really honest about how I look but he's not too critical and he never complains. If I promise to buy him lunch;)

Liked the top photo.

loved the post. I like the fact that we dont need men to be happy. However they can make a nice addition to my arm :)

Don't forget us gay men! We love all of the above mentioned. Tell me about how awful shopping with a straight guy is though. Ive never been through child birth, but how can it be worse than shopping with a straight guy? How?

Indeed! A lunch is a very small price to pay for a boyfriend like that. :) For me it would be priceless. I haven't been that lucky so far.

Hey, shopping is shopping is shopping, right?

Definetly, I'm lucky to have him:)

I loved the post! Unfortunately my besties don't like to shop! Unbelievable I know! I just go with my cousin or my sisters instead.

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