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8 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs a Gay BFF ...

By Jelena

Grace had Will, Carrie had Sanford, Charlotte had Anthony – a fictional, on-screen bond between a straight gal and a gay male is not just a marketing trick or the network’s way to be politically correct. In fact, many celebs and normal girls like you and me have realized that GBFs (gay BFFs) are those honest friends-for-life they have been unsuccessfully trying to find for many years. Now, if you are still managing to resist this global trend and you still don’t have a gay BFF, here are 8 good reasons why you should definitely give it some thought:

1 Male Viewpoint

Male Viewpoint Photo Credit: Pensiero

You could spend days talking with your girl BFF, relive and explain every single detail of your date, interpret all his body language signs and still have no clue if is he into you! A gay BFF, on the other hand, has enough “male brain” to know exactly how “his kind” thinks and enough “female brain” to explain everything to you over a cup of coffee.

2 Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips Photo Credit: papadont

Remember how Sanford was always there to comment on Carrie’s “date with Big” outfit? Well, a gay BFF will always be there to give an honest opinion so, if your ass really looks fat in those pants you’ll learn about it while you still have the chance to change into something more flattering. A girl might lie just so she could be the one to finally steal the spotlight! She might not have the guts to tell you the real truth thinking you will interpret that as a sign of jealousy. However, a stylish gay man knows exactly what will make the straight part of his kind go crazy and he has no ulterior motives or reasons not to tell you that!

3 Jealousy- Free Relationship

Jealousy- Free Relationship Photo Credit: normalityrelief

Boyfriends often doubt our male friends and their true intentions. And they are not afraid to show it! However, if your male BFF is gay, dear boyfriend has nothing to worry about. He is happy, you are happy and you all live happily ever after!

4 No Competition

No Competition Photo Credit: live w mcs

The fact that two girls are friends doesn’t necessarily exclude the risk of being each other’s worst competition. You may consider yourself invisible when standing next to a gorgeous friend of yours but have in mind that some girls feel the same when standing next to you. However, having a gay BFF is kind of like shopping in the same mall but never entering the same shop – you are both free to show off the stuff and share the shopping experiences without any one’s feelings getting hurt.

5 Similar Interests

Similar Interests Photo Credit:

Most straight men don’t really have the eye for art in general. Some enjoy gallery openings, some share our passion for those retro, romantic, black and white movies and some even know who Lanvin is, but I can’t think of a single one that likes all of those and also finds watching fashion shows and commenting on the latest collections interesting. Even the most old-fashioned Sex And the City lady, Charlotte, had a gay BFF Anthony and, although he did sound rude at some points, we have to give it to him for knowing so much about everything from tablecloths and drapes to fashion and dating!

6 Guilt-free Fun

Guilt-free Fun Photo Credit: rebeca :)

You can go out with your gay BFF, spend the whole evening out with him and his equally gorgeous and fashion conscious friends and still be able to go home and give your significant other a guilt-free good night kiss because you really did nothing wrong! Unless spending time with a bunch of guys that find you as sexually attractive as their mom counts as cheating?

7 Stronger Bond

Stronger Bond Photo Credit: Gus Greeper

There will be no jealousy, no lying and no competition so a gay best friend or a GBF, in short, is really somebody you can open up to, share your secrets with and hope for some brutally honest opinions and advice. Most women who have decided to replace their girl frenemies with a GBF claim this is the best and the most honest friendship they’ve ever had. And guys are, indeed, less sneaky than girls – I know this counts as speaking against “my own kind” but every girl that has a bad ex-BFF experience will understand what I mean by that.

8 Protection

Protection Photo Credit: Josh Liba

Gay or straight, a man is a man and every single gal could use a male company sometimes. He can walk you home, pretend to be your boyfriend if some loser is bothering you or just keep you company in those times when you don’t need a whole bunch of creeps trying to pass their weak pick-up lines on you. He will have no problem offering a strong, helping hand when you need it because he truly loves you in a way only a BFF can!

So my vote definitely goes to GBFs! What about you? Do you have one and, in case you don’t, have you considered this idea? What is you opinion on GBFs --- are they just a trendy accessory or exactly what a girl needs to be happy? And, sexual orientation aside, do you think a man and a woman could ever be just friends?

Top Photo Credit: MyBigoo (ex MaryLeslyne)

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