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We’re girls, and we're so powerful. We can do anything! We can cook, clean, sew, play sports, and even fix our cars. That’s right — we girls can even fix our cars, or at least we should be able to do some things to our cars to keep them running well. If you can’t do all of the things on my list, have a trusted mechanic (or your dad) teach you. It’s important! You don’t want to be a damsel in distress. Here are 7 car maintenance things girls should know how to do.

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Change a Flat Tire

Flats happen, so you need to be prepared to fix them. Be sure you have a spare, or a “donut,” and make sure you have a jack and tire iron and know how to use them. You’ll find this endlessly helpful, and the first time you change a flat, you’ll feel fantastically proud.


Change and/or Check the Oil

Nowadays, oil changes are inexpensive, and with environmental regulations and the price of oil, it’s easier to let someone else change and dispose of your oil. But you should still know what happens when you’re oil is changed, and you also ought to know how to check your oil, and how to add more if you need it.


Check/adjust Tire Pressure

It’s not only dangerous to ride on over or under-inflated tires, it also drains gas mileage. That’s why it’s a good idea to know how to check your tire pressure, and if it’s low, how to add the right amount of air. It’s also smart of keep a few quarters in your car, because some air machines cost money.


Refill Windshield Wiper Fluid

This is especially important if you live in a region where it snows a lot, because if you don’t clean your windshield while you’re driving, you’ll never be able to see! Be sure you know where to add the fluid, and also make sure you have a jug of it in your trunk for emergency refills.


Replace Windshield Wiper Blades

No matter what the weather, you’ll need effective windshield wiper blades. You don’t necessarily need to memorize what size you need (more stores have a guide you can use), but you ought to know how to tell it’s time for a new pair, and how to change them. It’s easy! Often times, the replacement directions are right on the back of the package.


Jumpstart and/or Replace a Battery

When I was younger, and drove cheap used cars, I can’t count how many times my battery died and I needed a jump start. It was embarrassing when one of my friends offered their car and cables, and neither of us knew how to use them… so I asked my tow truck drive to show me how to do it, and now I know. Now I can jump my own car, and I can help other people in need.


Call a Tow Truck

If your car breaks down, do you know what to do? Turn on your hazard lights and get your car safely off the road, first. Then call a tow truck. Make sure you have a roadside assistance or tow truck number programmed into your phone, and know that they’re going to ask you where you are, and where you want them to take your car (home? A mechanic? Your brother’s house?).

Those are 7 of the things every girls ought to know how to do, and when. If you don’t know how to do everything on this list, learn now! It’s a great New Year’s resolution, and your mechanic, boyfriend, dad, or big brother would be happy to show you how! Which of the things on this list have you had to do? Or is there something else you know that’s come in handy? Please let me know!

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Thankfully I learnt them all.

Agree 100% any one who owns a car can benefit from knowing these things their sex makes no difference what so ever.

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