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8 Reasons to Support Gay Marriage ...

By Alison

I’m delighted to see the recent progress made in several countries regarding gay marriage. Some say that it is not ‘marriage’, that only a man and a woman can be married. Well, I make no distinction between marriage and civil partnerships, to me the name is not important. What matters is the progress towards equal rights and acceptance. Here are some of the reasons why I support gay marriage.

1 Equality

I firmly believe that we are all equal, and that everyone should be treated the same. Gay marriage is an acknowledgement of equality. Two people should be able to formalise their relationship, regardless of whether they are both men, both women, or one of each.

2 Love

Love is something to be celebrated; it enriches and enhances our lives. If two people wish to stand up in front of witnesses and have that love recognised by the law, then why should they not do so? There is too much cruelty in the world, so love should be admired and encouraged.


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3 Longevity

At a time when divorce rates are high, it is something to be admired when any couple can maintain an enduring relationship. Many gay couples have been together for years, so why should they not have that relationship officially recognised if they so wish?

4 Acceptance

A slogan I often use is ‘Peace, Love and Tolerance’. These are three qualities I hold very dear. Supporting gay marriage is to me a sign of true acceptance of people in all their varieties

5 Legal Rights

It can’t be right that a person in a long-standing gay relationship has no inheritance rights and no say if their partner becomes ill or dies. I have read several cases where the surviving partner has been shut out by the deceased’s family who have never accepted their sexuality.

6 Stability

I’m not actively in favour of marriage per se – I think it’s fine if you want to do it – but for those who do wish to take that route, they often do so because they see it as adding stability to a relationship. If gay couples feel the same way, then I think that they should have the same option.

7 Harmless

Pagans like me believe in the tenet ‘Do what you wish, as long as it harms no-one’. Well, what harm does allowing a gay couple to get married really do? It is really just giving them equal rights and status and does not affect anyone else. It certainly won’t bring society down.

8 We Are Who We Are

Sexuality is not something you choose, nor is it something that anyone should be made to feel ashamed of. Gay couples have the right to get married because they are who they are, and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

I appreciate that this topic may provoke strong reactions, but please be calm and polite in any responses. As I have said, I believe strongly in equality and tolerance, and every step that is taken to promote that is, in my view, a step towards making us a better society.

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