10 Reasons to Love the Credit Crunch ...


10 Reasons to Love the Credit Crunch ...
10 Reasons to Love the Credit Crunch ...

The Credit Crunch sucks. Not only did everything just get ten times more expensive, but those lovely quaint shops are shutting down, and everyone is losing their jobs. It’s not exactly inspiring! There’s a bright side to every situation, though, and here are ten reasons you should love the Credit Crunch…

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You’ll Kick Those Habits

You’ll Kick Those Habits Photo Credit: {.clochette la fée.}

Without money to burn, you’ll cut down on the non-essentials, like cigarettes, and expensive coffees. Which might feel rubbish at the time, but will actually help you to kick the habit, and you’ll feel much better for it! Plus, once your finances begin to return to normal, you can channel the money you would have spent into a holiday fund. Beaches, here I come!


You’ll Bond

You’ll Bond Photo Credit: Cindy Farr-Weinfeld

Night out getting more expensive means you’ll spend more time at home with your man. Which means you’ll bond, and get to spend more time together! So it’s the perfect time to rediscover what makes you both click, and dig out that copy of the Kama Sutra…


You’ll Eat Less

You’ll Eat Less Photo Credit: bhampton1963

Making your own meals rather than having take aways and cutting down on those unessential snacks on the way to work will really make a difference to your waistline, and soon you’ll be looking better than ever in your skinny jeans. And with next to no effort!


You’ll Be Surprised More

You’ll Be Surprised More Photo Credit: xdesx

Your gifts will no longer just be picked from the gift section of that expensive shopping centre, so your boyfriend, family and friends will have to think hard about what to get you. Which means they’ll choose things that are from the heart, rather than just from the wallet!


Supermarkets Are the Latest Thing

Supermarkets Are the Latest Thing Photo Credit: Flat You Lent

Supermarkets are now great. You can happily and publicly get involved with the hunt for the best prices, and expect to see your friends trying on the same clothes as you…designer clothes and spending more then necessary is so last year!


You’ll Spend Less in the Pub

You’ll Spend Less in the Pub Photo Credit: Qoodle Piff

Splashing the cash is no longer necessary, or wanted. So nights in the pub just got a lot cheaper, and a lot less frequent. Drinking cheap drinks and going home at 10pm? Well, you’ll get a good nights sleep, less of a hangover and a healthier bank balance, without missing out. Sounds like a winner to me!


You Don’t Have to Go to the Gym

You Don’t Have to Go to the Gym Photo Credit: Tight Jim

You can finally cancel that gym membership, and stop pretending to go twice a week. The gym is a luxury, so just act a little saddened, and ‘take the hit’. And, no one can accuse you of being lazy! Just politely decline any offers of an early morning running partner…


Packed Lunches Are Cool

Packed Lunches Are Cool Photo Credit: Biggie*

Forget expensive lunches, home prepared food is the way forward. Which is amazing! Why? Because you can prepare the food you actually like, and control how much you eat. Plus, you’ll save a fortune!


Handmade is in

Handmade is in Photo Credit: Iris Mishly

A great thing about the credit crunch is that it lessens peoples expectations, so you can buy something that you can afford, rather then stretch to what the person expects you to buy. An even better thing? Handmade gifts are totally acceptable, and really appreciated! So get your pliers out and start making some handmade jewellery!


Old Clothes Are Cool

Old Clothes Are Cool Photo Credit: Imhara

Everyone is struggling for money, so the latest jeans and heels won’t be expected. Instead, making last seasons clothes look new, stylish and unique is the challenge, and it means we get to wear our old favourites! I’ve loved experimenting with old clothes and making them look fresh and new again.

While the Credit Crunch definitely sucks, these tips help make it seem a little more bearable…after all, if you learn some moneysaving tricks, you’ll be able to save up for those gorgeous shoes or that amazing holiday much faster when the recession is over! Have you thought of a reason that the recession is great? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: doug88888

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