10 Step Tutorial for Creating a Femme Fatale Look ...


10 Step Tutorial for Creating a Femme Fatale Look ...
10 Step Tutorial for Creating a Femme Fatale Look ...

There's never a more perfect time to change your look than now and who doesn’t want to be a femme fatale? That dangerously seductive woman who owns the room when she walks in and has an almost hypnotic power over the men around her. I’ve been looking into exactly how you can master the art, and here’s my ten step tutorial...

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Start with Your Voice...

Start with Your Voice... Photo Credit: _Neverletmego_

Speak in a low voice. Not too low, just low enough to mean people have to move closer to listen to you. Listen toAngelina Jolietalking, and try to channel how she keeps her voice on the same, quiet level.


Be Mysterious...

Be Mysterious... Photo Credit: Kana Peng

Create a ‘base’ layer, which stops you from displaying all of your emotions. Deny the urge to tell everyone where you are and what you are doing at all times. Have some mystery! Some people find that applying foundation helps them to ‘conceal’ themselves a little, until they take it off again.


Choose Dark Colours...

Choose Dark Colours... Photo Credit: Idhren

Femme Fatales don’t wear bright yellow or fluorescent pink. Go through your wardrobe and pick out all the dark green, maroon orlittle black dresses. Pick dark colors that compliment your skin tone. If you don’t have anything, go and look around at a clothes store nearby. Don't be afraid to try different dark colors and styles.


Learn the Art of Teasing...

Learn the Art of Teasing... Photo Credit: alicemariedesign

Buy clothes that flatter your figure, but don’t reveal too much! The key is to hint at your body shape, not to show it all off! Remember to keep it tasteful, and you’ll look amazing. Learn the art of subtle flirting. Engage the man in front of you in a little game of cat and mouse. You will drive him wild.


Avoid Trousers...

Avoid Trousers... Photo Credit: TeeRish

The key to being a Femme Fatale is to be feminine, so trousers and other pants are out! If you have to wear some, invest in a feminine pair of high waisted trousers and avoid very tight fitting ones.


Use Dramatic Jewelery...

Use Dramatic Jewelery... Photo Credit: pedro da fonseca

Pick some dramatic pieces of jewelery to complete your outfit, and rotate between them. This will ensure your outfit always has a focal point. Try using your birth stone for a classy and easy to locate stone!


Use Suspenders...

Use Suspenders... Photo Credit: figleaves.com

Never expose your bare legs no matter how toned. Invest in a lot of fish nets, or plain suspenders, in colors that co ordinate with your outfit or in plain black. This instantly adds class to an outfit, and also prevents unladylike situations!



Fur... Photo Credit: LunaDiRimmel

Every Femme Fatale needs a sexy fur coat and it doesn't have to be real, so don’t feel bad! Look for a classic black, brown or white piece, to ensure it will go with everything. This is the perfect way to keep warm, and look effortlessly chic!


Do Your Make up...

Do Your Make up... Photo Credit: bia_leal

Avoid glitter and bright teenage make up at all costs, and invest in a classic and high quality foundation, eye liner and lipstick. Make sure the foundation is pale, and apply eye liner in a cats eyes style or go for thesmokey look. Lipstick should be maroon or red, whichever suits you, and practice applying it so that it doesn’t smudge around your mouth or over your teeth.


Finishing Touches!

Finishing Touches! Photo Credit: wwsjr

Add finishing touches, such as a classic perfume. Avoid food based scents, and instead choose a wood based seductive scent, with a hint of spice. Then make sure your hair has a clean parting and is clean and freshly brushed every day...perfect!

Being a Femme Fatale is easy if you know how, and is sure to boost your confidence and drive men wild! Why not give it a go and see how you feel? I know I feel ten times more attractive when I take the time to get into character! Have you got a tip to becoming a Femme Fatale? Please let me know, or just tell me how these tips worked for you!

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of course the pants are a total no no!!! pants are for boys ahaha

that was a beautiful post.. love that :] easy to dress like this during the winter.. but not when its warming up hahaha

I agree with the pants, especially!

I love that cat-eye

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