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20 Most Fashionable Designer Fur Coats ...

By Melanie

For those of you that are looking for a selection of the most fashionable designer fur coats, you have come to the right place. The most luxurious fur coats that were spotted on the Fall-Winter 2009-2010 runways are all here. Enjoy!

1 Fendi Short Fur Coat

Fendi Short Fur CoatThis is the perfect fur coat and will be sure to meet all of your fashion needs. I put this on my top 20 most fashionable designer fur coats list simply because I believe it is stunning. This is a short fur coat that you can throw over almost any shirt.

2 Fendi Long Fur Coat

Fendi Long Fur CoatI personally believe that this is amongst the best fur coats. It has black fur inside of it and gray on the outside. It comes down a little past the waist and is very stylish.

3 Fendi Fur Overcoat

Fendi Fur OvercoatWhy settle for a plain overcoat when you could settle with this one? Honestly girls, you will surely turn heads when you wear this. It is a gray fur coat with brownish/orange stripes on it. It will go perfect with nearly any outfit, even a dress.

4 Fendi Medium Long Fur Coat

Fendi Medium Long Fur CoatWhen I look at this coat on my friend, I am in awe. Honestly, it goes great with nearly any pants set. It is something that is hard to describe as the top looks soft and the bottom looks soft but more fluffy.

5 Fendi Long Suede Coat

Fendi Long Suede CoatGirls, this is a fine coat. It is not completely fur, but the trimmings are long white fur, which really does make up for it. The suede look really does add something to it and it is like no other.

6 Fendi Long Hair Medium Length Fur Coat

Fendi Long Hair Medium Length Fur CoatWhen I first saw this coat on display, I just had to have it. It’s long layers of hair really did capture my attention and is not like any coat I have ever had. For you girls who absolutely adore fur coats, I know you are going to like this as it has extra thick fur that really is snuggly.

7 Fendi Short Extra Fine Fur Coat

Fendi Short Extra Fine Fur CoatThis fur coat has hair that is so fine that it is almost feather like. It comes to us in a great design that is a must see. Girls, this coat is not only fun to look at, but it is fun to wear as well. We know you will love it.

8 Oscar De La Renta Skunk Vest

Oscar De La Renta Skunk VestThis one, in my opinion really should take the best of show. It is a fur dress that is black with white streaks through it. When you look at it, the first thing that will come to your mind is…skunk! It’s delicate to say the least…

9 Oscar De La Renta Black Nutria Vest

Oscar De La Renta Black Nutria VestI really do like this fur vest for the style that it offers. It is black and looks great over a dress. The fur is short and looks so shiny and soft.

10 Oscar De La Renta Double Face Sable Fur Vest

Oscar De La Renta Double Face Sable Fur VestThis vest is black and color and is short fur. It is medium and length and offers a lot of style and sophistication. I believe this would make a perfect gift for any girl in your life.

11 Oscar De La Renta Double Face Sable Fur Coat

Oscar De La Renta Double Face Sable Fur CoatThis fur coat is black and long in length. It has deep pockets that you can put your hands in when you feel cold. When you wear this, I guarantee you will feel all snuggly and warm. This fur coat is absolutely stunning and can be very charming.

12 Christian Dior Fur Coat

Christian Dior Fur CoatChristian Dior is popular for a lot of things and one of them is fur coats. Honestly, I believe they should take the gold with this one. The body of this coat is short fur while the sleeves have been thickly covered with fur. This is a must see – must have situation.

13 Christian Dior Layered Black Fur Coat

Christian Dior Layered Black Fur CoatThis is a medium long length fur coat that has been put out by Christian Dior. It is absolutely stunning. It comes to you in fine layers and is not like any coat I have ever seen before. I know you will like the layers that it has. It is just something you have to see.

14 Dolce & Gabbana White Fur Coat

Dolce & Gabbana White Fur CoatOkay girls, this one is a bit more fashionable than many of you can handle. However, I absolutely enjoy this style. It consists of lots and lots of…fluffy white fur. When you look at it, you will think that you are looking at a large white, fluffy Persian cat. It even has a black tie to finish it off.

15 Dolce & Gabbana Extra Pink Fur Coat

Dolce & Gabbana Extra Pink Fur CoatWhen you look at this fur coat you are going to say “Holy Pink Batman!” This coat really does pop out there and grab your attention, but it is for the best. I am not a big fan of hot pink, but for some reason, I absolutely adore this fur coat. It is medium and length (comes down to the knees) and is layered with lots of long fur.

16 Dolce & Cabbana Short Fur Coat

Dolce & Cabbana Short Fur CoatThis fur coat comes just above the knees and is stunning. Overall, the fur on the coat is pretty long. On the shoulders, you will see extra ruffles of long fur, which really does capture the attention.

17 Dolce & Cabbana Fur Coat

Dolce & Cabbana Fur CoatThis is one of those coats that cover your arms and not your body. It is perfect if you have a shirt that you do not want covered with a sweater, coat or jacket. This will give any outfit you have that fury look without covering it up and that’s why I think it is perfect.

18 Dolce & Cabbana Spotted Fur Coat

Dolce & Cabbana Spotted Fur CoatWhat can we say about this fur coat? Really, it is hard to describe as it is absolutely stunning. The fur on it is spotted and if you look up at the shoulders, you will find lots of fluffy hair that is feather like.

19 Versace Blue Fur Coat

Versace Blue Fur CoatWe do not see many blue fur coats in this area. We see a lot of black, white and spotted fur coats and that is why I think this one is unique. It has a design on it, which is really stunning to be a fur coat. The collar tucks down perfectly and does not give problems with popping up, like many coats.

20 Versace Medium Length Fur Coat

Versace Medium Length Fur CoatGirls, if you have a great taste, then I know you will like this fur coat. It is medium and length, black and comes just above the knees. It consists of medium fur that is the same size all over.

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