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5 Military-Inspired Jackets for Fall...

By Meream

1 Green

Check out Bec's second outfit to see which military jacket I'm talking about. Doesn't it look cool with her vintage boots? I see a lot of military jackets in this color in my city but they are often too big for me.

2 Navy Blue

A military-inspired cape! The idea makes me smile, you have no idea. It looks cute buttoned up all the way to the chin.

3 Black

Check out the fourth item on this list. Very sexy and the cropped cut will be perfect for my petite frame. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this chic jacket.

4 Camel

An easy way to have a jacket look military-ish? Pin military-inspired brooches! Add a hat for good measure.

5 Cream

I am referring to the cream knitted sweater --- second to the last row, middle column. It looks cozy and cool at the same time.

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