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13 Best Scarves ...

By Sheila

When it's winter, it's not just about the right sweater or the right pair of boots...without the perfect scarf, your look is gonna be terribly incomplete and cold! Really, who thought covering up could be so much sexier than taking clothes off?! Here are our picks for the best scarves this season:

Table of contents:

  1. virginia johnson white'ngrey scarf
  2. virginia johnson intense pink scarf
  3. burberry pale pink scarf
  4. alexander mcqueen scarf
  5. paul smith scarf
  6. basile scarf
  7. alexander mcqueen scarf
  8. missoni scarf
  9. dries van noten scarf
  10. christopher kane - leopard pattern scarf
  11. fendi purple logo scarf
  12. franco ferrari pan di zucchero scarf
  13. alexander mcqueen scarf

1 Virginia Johnson White'nGrey Scarf

Beetle-print merino wool scarf
Price: $195 at

2 Virginia Johnson Intense Pink Scarf

Shark-print merino wool scarf
Price: $195 at

3 Burberry Pale Pink Scarf

Cashmere blanket scarf
Price: $995 at

4 Alexander McQueen Scarf

Magpie printed chiffon scarf
Price: $505 at

5 Paul Smith Scarf

Green Multi River Print Scarf
Price: £145.00 at

6 Basile Scarf

Floral Chiffon Silk Long Scarf
Price: $59 at

7 Alexander McQueen Scarf

Skull-print wool-blend scarf
Price: $455 at

8 Missoni Scarf

Fuchsia Runway Print Floral Scarf
Price: £200.00 at

9 Dries Van Noten Scarf

Wool Ribbed Scarf
Price: £110.00 at

10 Christopher Kane - Leopard Pattern Scarf

Cashmere scarf
Price: EUR 456,00 at

11 Fendi Purple Logo Scarf

Zucca Logo Knit Wool Long Scarf
Price: $210 at

12 Franco Ferrari Pan Di Zucchero Scarf

Price: $398 at

13 Alexander McQueen Scarf

Houndstooth cashmere scarf
Price: $1,325 at

I like my scarves loud and colorful. My favorites are the Virginia Johnson shark print scarf and the purple Fendi scarf. The Alexander McQueen skull scarf looks pretty cool too don't ya think? As always, please let me know what your favorites and not-so-favorites are.

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