80's Makeup Tips to Master the Revival for a Blast from the past ...

80’s makeup is set to make a huge comeback with all the catwalks featuring the look and many stars being spotted in it too. Want to try it yourself? It’s really not as hard as it looks, though, and I’ve been researching the best ways to channel the look. Here’s my top tips for mastering the 80’s makeup revival!

1. Don’t Go OTT

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OTT: Over the Top and when it comes to the 80s makeup look, less really is more! So pick one element to focus on and keep the rest of your look coordinated, but natural.

2. Bold Eyes

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80’s eyes were big, bright and bold, and dramatic. They looked almost painted on... consider your eyelids a canvas, and make your make up a work of art. Don’t be afraid of bright eye shadows, heavy colors and bold looks. Try using a black or purple eyeliner to define your eyes, and then using a purple, orange, blue, green or neon eye shadow to finish the look.

3. Sculpted Cheeks

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Cheeks were very accentuated in the 80’s makeup world and pink and bronze blushers were used to contour the cheeks and create a heavy, sculpted look. Channel the look by applying brush to the apple of your cheeks, and don’t forget to apply and extra layer for that genuine 80’s look!

4. Bright Lips

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Green and yellow lips can be hard to pull off in public because it isn't the 80's anymore. Instead go for reds and purples and apply carefully. Avoid lip glosses, and instead add glitter to add extra oomph for the look...

5. Hair

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If you want to add some extra 80’s to your look, try an 80’s inspired hair style. From very quirky looks such as pointed hair to blunt fringes and spiked up hair, 80’s hair had no limits, and was worn with confidence and style. It’s a great look!

I love the 80’s makeup look… because it's the perfect balance of both subtle and bold. If you’re feeling a little nervous, try arranging an 80’s themed party with friends, or going on an 80’s themed night out to test out your look. Have you got a tip for wearing the 80’s revival? Please share it with me!

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