Retro Makeup for Grandma Party


Retro Makeup for Grandma Party
Retro Makeup for Grandma Party

Check out this video posted on YouTube, where the very pretty model Megan is given a retro makeup application by Amy B.

Here's how the look is done:
1. Skin:
Apply foundation with fingers or brush, apply concealer where needed. Use face powder to set the foundation.

2. Eyes:
Apply off-white eyeshadow over the entire eye. Draw a thin, liquid line over the upper lashline. Go over the line with Kohl pencil -and smudge! From the lashline and up about 2/3 of the eye, apply black eyeshadow. From the socket line down half the eye, apply grey eyeshadow and blend with black. Add some white under the brow and onto the socket crease to tidy the look. Curl those lashes and finish the eye with mascara.

3. Cheeks:
Dab a soft pink color onto the cheeks and blend with your finger.

4. Lips:
Line the lips with a nude, dusty pink color. Add some pink sheer gloss.

5. Brows:
Lastly, use a taupe color on the brows.

This is a really simple, easy-to-follow way of applying makeup. It just brought out here eyes, the shape of her lips and added a little rosy flush to her cheeks.

Aside from retro parties, you can easily use this style of applying makeup when you're wearing that little black dress on a night out with friends or a dinner date.

The fab retro makeup is even simple enough to wear during the daytime. I'll definitely try this for myself!

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