7 Mascara Tips How to Apply Mascara ...


7 Mascara Tips How to Apply Mascara ...
7 Mascara Tips How to Apply Mascara ...

Your mascara can make or break your make up look, and using it wrong can mean you're either using too little and look like you are not wearing any mascara or you are using far too much and risk to resemble a panda.

I remember it wasn't easy to get a hand of applying mascara when I first started to wear it. So here are my ** 7 top tips for applying mascara** which will help you create the perfect lashes from the start!

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Choose Your Mascara ...

With so many different types of mascara, it's important to pick the one that suits each occasion best. I'd recommend lengthening mascara for the day time, and curling/thickening mascara for your nights out! Check 5 Best Mascaras - Expert Reviews… for the best mascaras a gal can get.


Pick Your Colour Carefully ...

If you have red or blonde eyelashes, choose light brown for a casual look, and dark brown for night time. If you have dark eyelashes, use dark brown or black in the day, and black for more the night drama.


Curl Your Eyelashes ...

Now you've sorted out which mascara to use, apply all of your other eye make up, and then curl your eyelashes slightly. Personally, I find that padded eyelash curlers do this so much better, as metal ones just seem to bend my eyelashes. The best one I've tried is the Shu Uemura curler - read its review in 13 Beauty Must-Have Products for The Lousy Economy …


Be Careful with Pulling out the Wand ...

Pull out the wand in one motion, as pumping introduces air to the tube and this can lead to drying out. It can also allow bacteria to enter. Make sure both the wand and the edge of the tube are clean, too, or you won't get a smooth application.


Apply to Upper Eyelashes ...

Place the wand on the underside of your upper eyelashes. Slowly move it upwards towards the tip in zigzag motions. Use the wand at an angle to add more curl and definition, and be careful not to blink for a few seconds until it is dry. Apply a second coat for more drama.


Apply to Lower Eyelashes ...

Use a lot less mascara, and start at the lower eyelid. Slowly pull down, to colour the lower eyelashes.


Remove Stray Mascara ...

Use a cotton bud to remove any mascara around the eye. You can recurl and reapply if you think that this is necessary.

If you need further guidance, check out this video:

Have you got a foolproof way to apply mascara, or a handy tip? Please share it with all of us!

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HI! Thanks for all the great reviews. Just a quick grammar note, the phrase is, "get a handle on" or "get the hang of," not "get a hand of," just so you know. I was trying to figure out what you meant...and then I realized what you were trying to say, ha ha! Anyway, keep it up and have a GREAT day! Felicia

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if you love big lashes but you want a more natural look without all the layers of dark mascara, try this- apply a CLEAR MASCARA to both top and bottom lashes. BEFORE they are 100% dry, apply one coat of your regular colored mascara. (i LOVE covergirl Lashblast!) this way, you dont need to use as much, but you still get the color as well as the length!

Lol nice thanx for the tips I'm new to mascara and I'm having major issues!

Wow seriously I'm so happy my dream has come true! I have finally found the perfect app for me... And I have a little secret to tell you guys out there: I recently found this app. I wear mascara,eyeliner, lipstick and lipgloss for school, and all the other girls asked me where I got these wonderful tips! I told them...so don't be surprised if you find a few newcomers hahahahahah lol!

Before applying a new mascara, I use a napkin to wipe extra product off the brush, it makes the application so much easier the first couple of days. Great tips! Thanks! :))

i love max factors false lash effect!!! AWESOME!

Its pretty basic stuff actually the mascara I like is called *Lor'eal (how ever you spell) Telescopic mascara and Maybelline-Define-a-lash. it works the best and its not that expensive. Foundations are better to use tinted mosterizers for summer like Aveenos Tinted Mosterizer works best :)

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