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13 Tips on How to Glam up in under 15 Minutes ...

By Melanie

Do you have a big first datecoming up or would you like to have some quick glam tips just for the fun of it? I don't blame you. Sometimes, spending an hour in front of the mirror can be too much time, especially when you live a busy life and are shuffling children around. So, below, I am going to give you 13 tips on how to glam up in under 15 minutes. Trust me, I have mastered these tips by now!

13 Invest in Some Makeup Brushes

Invest in Some Makeup Brushes Photo Credit: TeeRish

One way to shave off some seconds especially when applyingmakeup for work would be to use the right makeup brushes. And no, I don't mean those little throwaway brushes that come with eyeshadow, blush, etc. They are to small to do you any good. By using the right brushes, applying makeup will be quick, easy and much more precise.

12 Wear Red on Friday

Wear Red on Friday Photo Credit: Tomasito.!

If you are trying to debate on what to wear, then try wearing red on Friday, every Friday, blue on Mondays, black on Wednesdays, so on and so forth. This will eliminate some of the clothes from your list and will make your decision easier. I know it sounds silly but you'll be surprised at how well it works!

11 What Color Are the Dark Circles of Your Eyes?

What Color Are the Dark Circles of Your Eyes? Photo Credit: ☠Jacqueline☠

If your dark circles are gray, then apply a soft pink eye shadow before you put foundation on. If they are more of a blue hue, then use a light peach color first. This will help you in making your decisions.

10 Before You Apply the Powder, Blot the Foundation with Tissue

Before You Apply the Powder, Blot the Foundation with Tissue Photo Credit: CowGummy

By blotting the foundation with tissue, you will be removing any of the excess oils. It will help prevent you from getting shiny during the day and keep you looking fresher for longer.

9 What if I Put Too Much Blush on?

What if I Put Too Much Blush on? Photo Credit: L U C I M A

Going through and washing the blush off can be a big hassle and can take more time. If you apply too much blush, do not panic! You do not need to start over. Instead, take a sponge, moisten it and gently dab it where you applied the blush. This is going to dilute the color and will make you look acceptable.

8 Did You Just Say You Want Shimmery Lips, but do Not Have Time?

Did You Just Say You Want Shimmery Lips, but do Not Have Time? Photo Credit: m a r i c e

If you want shimmery lips but don't have the time to master it, all you have to do is take some of that sparkling eye shadowand put it on top of the lipstick. This is going to give you that shiny shade and do you know what? It is free!

7 Can’t Decide What to Wear?

Can’t Decide What to Wear? Photo Credit: xanthe berkeley

Yes, each morning, deciding what to wear can take a large amount of time. What do I say about this? Well, I say get ready the night before! Plan everything from what you will be wearing to the makeup you will be using. Of course, don’t forget about somefabulous shoes!

6 What about the Hair?

What about the Hair? Photo Credit: calssara

Have you run out of time to do your hair? Put it up ina ponytail. This is one of my favorite things to do and I admit, it does look great and it only takes about five minutes to do this! Wow!

5 When Applying the Foundation...

When Applying the Foundation... Photo Credit: cactus3000

When you are applying your foundation, apply it and then blend the edges in. This is going to set while you apply the eye makeup and it is only going to take a couple of seconds to do this.

4 Eye Makeup Will Take the Longest to Put on

Eye Makeup Will Take the Longest to Put on Photo Credit: M. Asif (

The eye makeup and eye liner should follow foundation. If you are using mascara and concealer, then you should hold off on applying concealer until you have applied the mascara.

3 Once the Foundation Has Set in...

Once the Foundation Has Set in... Photo Credit: Amy Dunn

It is time to apply the blush and blend the edges in. Applying the blush and then blending it in takes only about 30 seconds! Yes! That's all!

2 Keep the Makeup Routine Light

Keep the Makeup Routine Light Photo Credit: cupcaketastic

If you would like to save even more time, then keep that makeup routine light and opt for anatural makeup look. This means washing your face, moisturizing the face, applying foundation and blush, then selecting three eyeshadows for the eye and then a quick application of lipstick.

1 Don’t Rush

Don’t Rush Photo Credit: Amy Dunn

When you are applying your makeup, doing your hairand getting dressed, it is important that you do not rush. If you rush, you will end up making mistakes and having to take time to correct those mistakes.

Those are 13 of my quick glam make-up tips that I use when I need to get ready in no more than fifteen minutes. Trust me, I do that a lot. If you are running late, that does not mean you have to go into your office with no makeup on. Also, don’t go thinking you can apply your makeup while driving, this is just like texting while driving – a big distraction that could lead to a big accident. Do you have any tips to give me?

Top Photo Credit: Auntie P

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