12 Top Makeup Tips for Work ...


12 Top Makeup Tips for Work ...
12 Top Makeup Tips for Work ...

Okay, so now girl's night out is over and it is time to get ready for work. No smoky eyes and you are tired of the same old boring make up, so you would like to try something different. You want something that is more in style yet appropriate for work. Fret not for I am here! Below are my top 12 makeup tips for work…

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Apply Blush Where You Naturally Flush

It is important that you apply blush where you naturally flush. You do not want to apply it too dark, because you are going to work and not to a club. After your next workout, check your cheeks in the mirror and find those rosy cheeks. Also, a good tip that I use. Suck your cheeks in (yes like the models in ANTM) and that will help you find your cheek bones!


For Your Eyes, Experiment with Color

For your eyes, you have many different colors that you can use. Play with different eyeshadow shades and find the ones that work the best for you. Then, when you find the ones that work the best with you, use only that family of color. Ofcourse, you can't go too crazy with your eyes when it comes to work but a dash of color is just the pop you need on a boring Monday morning!


When Applying Color to Your Eyes, Keep It Close to the Lash Line

You should also blend it on the rest of your lid. After this, use the same 7 Best Blushes - Expert Reviews ... @Kati you used on your cheeks and swipe it under those brows. This is to balance those cheeks and eyes.


Avoid Heavy Foundation

Since you are going to be working a good 8 hours or so, avoid 10 Best Foundations for Fall and Winter ... @Kati that is heavy. You should also try to match the foundation to your complexion, instead of trying to add color to the face by using a darker powder.


Do Not Use Bronzers or Blushes That Have a Brown or Muddy Tone

When you use those type of 8 Best Bronzers You Need ... @Melanie or brushes, they have a tendency to make those brown spots look darker. This is certainly not what you are trying to aim for. You want to look good at work and not have your co-workers talk about the brown spots.


Avoid Using Ultra Light Concealer under Your Eyes

Using a 5 Best Concealers for Dark under Eye Circles ... @Kati that is too light for you, will bring out the puffiness that is under your eyes. Choose a color that matches the tone of your skin and blend it in good.


Apply Foundation and then the Concealer

It is important that you first apply the foundation and then a good concealer. Many do not think about this and apply the concealer first. Make sure the concealer matches your foundation and blend it in well.


Avoid Those Glittery, Frosted Bright Eye Shadows

Work is no place for those glittery eye shadows or colorful mascaras. Yes, I know they look darling, but they may be a bit too much in your workplace. They will also bring out that wrinkly skin that is above the eye. If you are over the age of 40, this is not something you want.


Use Lip Liner and Moisturize Your Lips

You can make your lips appear fuller if you use lip liner and moisturize. When you use lip liner, it is important that you make sure it is the same color as the lipstick. If you use lip gloss that is colorless, then it is important to make sure the lip liner matches your own lip color.


Line Your Eyes Softly

Of course, you should line your eyes, but you should choose a soft pencil or liquid liner that you can smudge slightly. A hard line going around the eye looks aging. Clumps of heavy mascara also make you look older so avoid them.


What about a Brow Pencil?

If you have naturally full and beautiful eyebrows, skip this step. For the rest of you, avoid those brow pencils that give that shiny look. Instead, go for a soft pencil or a powder. You should always match this with your hair color. For instance, if you have blonde hair, then you do not want to use a black color. Wouldn’t that look odd?


Do Not Put Too Much Powder on Your Face

Even those lightest products can cause you to fasten the aging process if you use too much of them every single day. In this case, you should not put too much powder on your face. Of course, take it with you and touch it up when you need to while you are at work.

Those are 12 make-up for the office tips that you can use every day. When you are going to work in the office, you may want to opt for that more natural look. What about you, what do you like wearing to work? What products do you use the most?

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I agree that keeping makeup as light and natural as possible is the way to go for work.

I have to agree with all of these tips, especially experimenting with colors on your eyes, whether it's for work or anywhere else. I recently got into colorful eyeshadows after years of neutral shades and I'm love it! :D Renee

I agree that keeping makeup as light and natural as possible is the way to go for work. In the mornings I'm usually too tired and pressed for time to fuss with makeup, so I use tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, mascara, and a black eyeliner pencil.

I soo loveeee reading those make up posts! Thanks again for the tips Mel, and good job!

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