12 Things to Have in Your Make-up Bag ...


12 Things to Have in Your Make-up Bag ...
12 Things to Have in Your Make-up Bag ...

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t sorted my make up bag out in years, so I decided to do it this weekend. I was so shocked at how nasty some of the old eyeshadows were, I revamped my entire make up bag. Is it about time you did the same? Old make up can be really bad for your skin, and no one wants to carry more then they need, so here’s my list of the top ten things you need in your make up bag...

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A Foundation Brush

I must admit, I’ve always applied my foundation with my fingers. I don’t wear it often, so when I do, I just grap a fingerful and rub it in! And I thought it looked fine... until I tried using a brush! Surprisingly, the right brush will give you the most natural look possible, and make sure you get just the right amount of foundation too. It also means your foundation is always the same thickness!


A Concealer Brush

Again, I’ve always just used my fingers, but using a tiny sable concealer brush really does hide your imperfections! If you suffer with under eye circles, a brush with a narrow tip will hide them easily, and make sure you have full and even coverage. Perfect after all those late nights!



Hands up, who carries around a bronzer? Well you should! If all else fails, bronzer is an easy way to update your daytime look for a night out, and it’s also perfect for hiding your cheeks if you start to blush!


Lash Curler

These really are the secret weapon of eye makeup, and the perfect way to revamp your look at lunchtime or before a night out. Sephora sell an ‘On The Go’ pair for $14, and they are as small as a lipstick! Perfect for keeping in your pocket or bag.



These are essential! Whether you get an odd stray hair that pops up at a bad moment, or you have an emergency and need to pick up something small, tweezers are perfect. I’ve got the ‘tweezerman’ set, with every pair you could possibly need, from sharp to round. You can get it from tweezerman.com!


Big Mascara or Fake Lashes

I love my mascara. Most of the time, it’s the only make up I wear, and it really does make a difference! Find the mascara that works best for you, and have one for general use, and one in your make up bag. That ensures you’ll always have enough to spark up your eyes for maximum flutter... Or just do the fake lashes for an instant impact!



You’ve got the brush, now you need the foundation! Whether it’s an essential for you or just used in emergencies, having a foundation on hand means you can ensure an even skin tone, and glowing skin! There’s nothing worse then feeling a little rough after lunch and having everyone tell you how ill you look...


Concealer Stick

Whether you usually use a pot or a stick, a stick of concealer is much easier to carry around and apply on the go. Most companies make both, but if yours doesn’t, try to get one that matches your current perfectly. Then you’ll be able to touch up on the go, and hide any blemishes that appear! Even though you are using a stick, make sure you use the brush for the perfect application.



Find the blush that really makes your skin pop, and buy one for your make up bag. This is your secret weapon. Got a sexy work experience boy, or a surprise date after work? Use this to update your look, and you’ll instantly look different from normal, and very radiant! I love Nars Orgasm, it makes my skin glow!


Brow Make over Kit

This is vital for brow emergencies. Make sure you have a brow pencil in a similar colour to your natural hair, some tweezers, and some shaping wax if you need it. Then you’ll be able to sort out any stray hair emergencies, and sort out your brows wherever you are. No one likes the bushy look!


A Mirror!

A mirror is a really important thing to carry, but you’d be surprised how many women don’t have one! Invest in one with two sides, a magnifying side, and a normal mirrored side. Then you’ll be prepared for any emergencies, or just for admiring your handy work!


Make up Wipes

Again, something really obvious that everyone always forgets! If you don’t have sensitive skin, you can get mini packs of baby wipes which will do the job, or invest in a small make up wipe packet. You never know when you’ll need to change your look, or just remove your make up. Water and tissue just won’t do the job!

I feel so much better now my make up bag is rejuvenated, and everything is so much easier to find, too! It’s all ready to leave when I am, and I don’t find concealer or lippie smeared up the side of my bag. It’s excellent! Have you sorted out your make up bag recently? If not, it’s about time you did! And make sure you let me know if I’ve forgotten any essentials...

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what about eyeliner pen/pencil/gel? lip gloss?

you know what else is cool? pink lipsticks and highlighters for spring!! i have some really cool pink lipsticks (brand spanking new) from Makeup Forever and YSL, pink blush from Sephora and highlighters from Laura Mercier and Ready to Wear New York that I will be listing on my site for swapping soon!!

I don't know, a little too much makeup if you ask me. I like to carry small stuff and I usually splurge on makeup so they can last all day and I won't have to do touch ups.

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