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7 Tips for Long Lush Lashes ...

By Jennifer

What girl doesn’t long for lush, full lashes? They make your eyes look bigger and brighter, so we apply all kinds of mascara and try to coax them with curlers and brushes. But if you’re looking for longer, fuller lashes, there are a lot of other things you can try, too! Here’s my list of 7 tips for long, lush lashes…

1 Use a Serum

Use a Serum I highly recommend using a lash boosting serum, in particular, the one offered by L’Oreal, if you want longer, fuller lashes. Apply it in the morning and before bed and you’ll see results in just four weeks. I can attest that it’s not just marketing, either — I’ve been using the serum for only three weeks, and my lashes are so thick, I don’t use mascara anymore!

2 Wash off Make-up Each Night

Wash off Make-up Each Night Photo Credit: laurenlemon

Mascara, shadow, and eyeliner are fine for during the day, but if you leave it on all night, not only will you stain your pillow case, you’ll also dry out and damage your lashes! Before bedtime, use a gentle wash and clear away all of the day’s make-up.

3 Don’t Rub Too Hard

Don’t Rub Too Hard Photo Credit: laurenlemon

Most eye make-up will come off easily with a gentle cleanser on a soft wipe, so there’s no need to rub with too much vigor. All you’ll do is break off or pull out your lashes.

4 Use Fresh Product

Use Fresh Product Photo Credit: (Sarah Robinson)

If you tend to get attached to your eye make-up, try to remember that as it gets older and drier, it’s more likely to attract and keep bacteria. To save your lashes, and your eyes, pitch it every eight weeks and get fresh!

5 Eat Well

If you eat junk food and especially if you smoke, your hair and skin will show it, and so will your lashes! Eat well, drink plenty of water, and quit smoking! As terribly unhealthy as smoking can be, lashes might be the last thing you’ll need to worry about… but add them to the list.

6 Don’t Trim Them

I have a friend who trims her lashes to keep them even, and she always ends up pulling a few out. First of all, I don’t want scissors that close to my eyes, and second, lashes at the outside corners of your eyes are longer for a reason. To review: okay to trim your bangs, not okay to trim your lashes!

7 Get a Prescription for Latisse

Get a Prescription for Latisse If you try all of these, and your lashes are so sparse and brittle you start to suffer from dry eyes, ask your doctor for a prescription for Latisse (or something similar). It encourages lash growth, but beware. It does have side effects, like all other prescription drugs.

Follow these tips and you’ll notice longer, lusher, fuller lashes! I know, because I have done these things myself, and I have the lashes to prove it! Do you have another lash tip to share? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: sandra hansson

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