7 Tips for Long, Lush Lashes ...

What girl doesn’t long for lush, full lashes? They make your eyes look bigger and brighter, so we apply all kinds of mascara and try to coax them with curlers and brushes. But if you’re looking for longer, fuller lashes, there are a lot of other things you can try, too! Here’s my list of 7 tips for long, lush lashes…

1. Use a Serum

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I highly recommend using a lash boosting serum, in particular, the one offered by L’Oreal, if you want longer, fuller lashes. Apply it in the morning and before bed and you’ll see results in just four weeks. I can attest that it’s not just marketing, either — I’ve been using the serum for only three weeks, and my lashes are so thick, I don’t use mascara anymore!

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